The Best Places for Open Mics in New York

Best Places for Open Mics in New York

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Open mics create avenues for new talent to showcase and nurture their acts. They are typical for most comedy clubs in NYC, and in a given area, you will not miss one or two comedy clubs hosting open mic events.

This article looks at some of the Best Places for Open Mics in New York. Read on to get insights to help you select a great spot for your next open mic night.

Best Places for Open Mics in New York

Bars and restaurants in New York continue to host many open mics where professional and upcoming artists showcase their new materials.

And below are some of the best open mics in NYC that you should look forward to attending.

Sugar Bar

Sugar Bar openmic NYC

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Sugar Bar Restaurant and Lounge, located on the upper Westside Manhattan, has been known to host some of the best open mikes on Thursday nights.

On a particular night, you experience new and upcoming artists with celebrity pop-ins by Queen Latifah, Stevie Wonder, Corrine Bailey Rae, Raphael Sadiq, Mario, Freddie Jackson, Patti La Bell, Michael McDonald, and Roberta Flack.

Moreover, the great setting with warm ambiance creates a wonderful space to chill out with friends as you watch some of the best and most talented musicians perform.

If you attend the open mics, you will pay a cover charge of up to about $16.The bar also has a minimum spending requirement is $20 per person.

Village Underground

Village underground is one of the comedy clubs in NYC popular for a great entertainment lineup. From Monday to Sunday nights, the club brings you some of the best comics in Newyork.

On Sundays, at 9:30, Ron Grant hosts open mic nights where new talents get to showcase their talents. The warm and intimate stage and the great music band create a good atmosphere for stand-up and improv.

On these nights, you will not miss one or two celebrities popping into the experience to watch the upcoming stars. The cover charge for open mic nights is around $15 per person.

Sister's Uptown Bookstore

Sisters Uptown Bookstore

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Another place in New York, NY, hosts some of the best open mics is Sisters Uptown Bookstore . The Book store hosts comedy open mics every second Tuesday where new talents showcase their talents.

If you have a friend or a sister new to comedy and storytelling, this would be a great place to start. You get your name on the sign-up sheet and a free fruit smoothie for less than a $ 10 donation.

Don't Tell Mama

Don't Tell Mama, one of the be st piano bars in NYC, hosts open mics every night from Tuesday to Saturday. The bar has a great team of bartenders and waiters who take to the stage every night to entertain you.

From 9:30 pm - 2:30 am, the stage is open for audience members to entertain the crowd. And on occasions, you will not miss a celebrity getting on stage.

Don't Tell Mama does not have a cover charge; however, it has a two-drink minimum requirement.

The Mic Under St. Marks Theater

For over 15 years now, The Mic Under St. Marks Theater has been hosting open mics every Tuesday night where new artists get to showcase their music. For $4, you get 7 minutes slot to perform any of your music pieces.

The theater has one of the best settings in East Village, characterized by an 88 key keyboard, good sound and lighting, an intimate stage, and a great house band that allows you to feel your performance. In addition, the theatre has a great wine and beer collection.

Bowery Poetry Club

Bowery Poetry Club

Every last Wednesday of every month, the Bowery poetry club hosts open mic nights with guest posts from all over the world.

The club creates an intimate space where poets get to share poetry. Hosted by Marcos de la Fuente If you are attempting poetry, this is the best place to showcase your new pieces.

New York Comedy Club

New York Comedy Club is known for hosting the best open mics where new comics get to showcase their new talents.

The open mics are in the form of booked shows, and any comic looking to perform in any comedy open mic should book a spot in advance at $5.

The open mics are usually on Monday, Friday, and Sunday evenings. The shows are free with one drink minimum requirement, and anyone looking to enjoy acts from new talent can drop into the event.


What better place to unwind after a long busy week than an open mic event where you get into a stand and showcase your music, poetry, or comic?

Moreover, you experience upcoming comics and musicians performing for the first time. In any area in NYC, you will not miss a club hosting an open mic show.

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