13 Fun Things to Do in Soho NYC

Fun Things to Do in Soho NYC

New York’s Soho neighborhood district is home to high-end boutiques and trendy temporary shops. Take a break and get a coffee at one of the Instagram-worthy cafes and restaurants in the downtown neighborhood.

Don’t think of Soho as just another urban shopping mall. You can find great art spaces around, including a children’s museum.

Take advantage of the Spring Street Station to travel around and visit the MoMA design store for your next gift. Check out these Fun Things to Do in Soho NYC below.

Fun Things to Do in Soho NYC

New York City Fire Museum

The fire department of New York (FDNY) is an official museum and can be found in New York City. The museum occupies a 1904 Beaux-Arts firehouse in Hudson Square at 278 Spring Street.

Fire-related art and artifacts are displayed in the museum dating back to the 18th century; among them are hand-pump fire engines, horse-drawn carriages, and motorized firefighting apparatus and equipment.

Canal Street

The bargain shopping scene is well-known in this city. The street extends up East Broadway and passes through Soho neighborhoods.

Chinatown’s Canal Street is the main thoroughfare, connecting Soho with Tribeca and Little Italy. Along the entire strip from Houston to Canal, there are boutiques galore. Plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafés to choose from.

Houston Street

The Lower East Side was once called the Bargain District, a fashionable nabe in New York. Don’t miss Frankie Shop, chic designer boutiques, and Katz’s Deli, an old-fashioned deli.

Grab a mouth-watering pastrami sandwich, venture out to some bars and restaurants with European themes, and then wander through the side streets.

Soho NYC Street Art and Soho Art District

You’ll likely find work by up-and-coming artists in many NYC elevators. As you stroll through Soho, capture the eclectic and contemporary street art. From tiny graffiti tucked in nooks and crannies to the city’s breathtaking murals.

Tourists and locals enjoy strolling through Soho for photo opportunities — even Instagram influencers stop by!

Dominique Ansel Bakery

Dominique Ansel Bakery

Image credit: dominiqueansel.com

A velvety counter at a yummy bakery in Soho offers a variety of confections. Sink your teeth into the delectable chocolate éclairs and festive pavlovas studded with plenty of litchis.

If you enjoy a delightful pastry, try Ansel’s Famous Pastries, but go for the champagne-chocolate edition. According to rumors, this is a mixture of the finest Valrhona chocolate.

The Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art

A Museum Of Art is a visual arts museum located in Soho. In addition to collecting, preserving, and exhibiting visual arts, the modern art gallery also exhibits art about LGBTQ+ themes, people, and dilemmas. 

Here the art truly speaks to you, and you can find a connection with every piece. The cost is free and does mainly consist of photo exhibitions.

West Broadway

Broadway has a Bloomingdale’s. There is a bit less space here than in Midtown. There are also free toilets and free WiFi (you can find them in the lounge/restroom area), making it a great pitstop while shopping.

In addition, there is a huge Nike store with sportswear and sneakers on five floors. Many other stores are on Broadway, including Banana Republic, UNIQLO, H&M, and American Eagle Outfitters.

The Crosby Street Hotel

It’s located on a beautiful street in the heart of the vibrant SoHo area of New York, on a quiet cobblestone street. The hotel consists of 86 bedrooms and suites spread out over 11 floors.

This hotel features The Crosby lounge and tasting bar, lush gardens, an executive lounge, modern conference facilities, a drawing center room with 99 seats, and a gym with all the latest equipment.

Soho Walking Tour

Upon visiting the Palladium, you will see where The Beatles played their first concert in London, paving the way for the term “Beatlemania.”

Take a stroll down Carnaby Street, one of London’s most popular tourist attractions in the 1960s, the birthplace of the miniskirt.

Take a tour of the house where Marx and Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto, the most influential piece of political writing in history!

Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan

Image credit: timeout.com

Founded in the 1600s, the region’s skyscrapers, financial centers, historic buildings and landmarks, and modern developments make the region a hub for business in the 21st century. There is no denying its emotional resonance and its instantly recognizable skyline.

Enjoy a stroll by the water, lunch at a classic steakhouse or a modern chef-driven restaurant, and drinks on the cobblestone streets of downtown.

Brooklyn Bridge

Overlooking the East River, the Brooklyn Bridge was originally constructed in 1883 to carry passengers and non-automotive transportation from downtown Manhattan to Brooklyn.

In addition to being a major part of the skyline of New York City, it has appeared in film and television and has been part of the city’s history for many years.

Strolling along the elevated pedestrian walkway offers a glimpse into New York City’s true spirit.

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Prince Street

Along Broadway’s fashion-driven blocks and intersections of crosswalks, in particular Prince Street and Spring Street, sidewalks are often clogged with shoppers. Most locals wait until Monday to run errands.

Shopping groups gather at street corners to plan their next move, analyzing proximity, price, and trend variables to determine where they should shop next. If you love shopping, this is where you need to be!

Soho-Cast Iron Historic District

Soho-Cast Iron Historic District

Image credit: untappedcities.com

The SoHo-Cast Iron Historic District is a key component of New York’s commercial development. It is notable for its historical significance and the many cast-iron buildings that remain today.

Most cast iron architecture facades in buildings date from the 1870s, while many masonry buildings, including those with stone and iron, are from later and earlier decades.

In total, nearly 500 structures make up the SoHo-Cast Iron Historic District. It’s impressive to look at.


SoHo is a place that offers so much in the way of art galleries, food, wine, and beautiful skyscrapers.

Witness the artwork firsthand instead of in pictures to get a real feel for the local history and talent.

There are still more hidden gems to see and do. What’s listed above doesn’t even scratch the surface of the things to do in SoHo New York City.

There's no need to be overwhelmed by all there is to do in NYC – check out our list of things-to-do below and get started planning your perfect trip today!

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