9 Best Day Trips From New York

Best Day Trips From New York

It's impossible to resist the enchantment of New York City, its museums, restaurants, and nightlife. Thanks to its convenient location along the corridor to the northeast, you can enjoy many great one-day escapes.

Art lovers can enjoy upstate New York City life and even horseback riding. Check out these Best Day Trips From New York below for your next trip.

Storm King Art Center

No New York trip is complete without art galleries. A day trip from New York City will take you to an outdoor museum with a collection of more than 500 acres of sculpture

Storm King Art Center

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The Storm King Center is located in the Hudson Valley region of New York, allowing visitors to experience site-specific sculptures and large-scale pieces, all under an open sky

Storm King's mission since 1960 has been to conserve the hills, meadows, and forests at the Art Center and in the surrounding region.

NYC Day Trips at South Mountain Reservation

The Mountain Reservation in Essex County , which encompasses 2,112 acres, is a nature reserve owned and operated by the county itself.

The Lenape Trail, designed as an urban/suburban trail, connects 18 parks and 11 municipalities in Essex County.

NYC Day Trips at South Mountain Reservation

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There are a few rocky sections on the trail that get muddy after rainfall. The trail also crosses a few streams as well as the Rahway River, which are tricky due to shifting rocks and varying water levels.

Independence National Historical Park

With its reputation as the birthplace of democracy, the Historical Park of Philadelphia is where several pivotal events occurred, eventually allowing the country to gain global recognition as a democratic leader.

Independence National Historical Park

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The Benjamin Franklin Museum, Congress Hall, and the National Constitution Center are among the places you can visit in the National Historic Landmark district.

You will find many historic structures, landmarks, and attractions here. Most national park services like these are free to visit on your day trip.

Hudson River and Valley

A Hudson Valley is a region bounded by the River and New York's adjacent communities. It boasts a rich history, a beautiful natural environment, and a thriving food market.

Hudson River and Valley

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You can enjoy a wonderful day trip when going through River Valley, with its picturesque drives, various farm-to-table restaurants, and a multitude of York State wineries perfect for nature lovers.

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Grand Central Station - Best Day Trips From New York

Grand Central Station

The main attraction of Grand Central station is the opal clock th at features four faces, which occupies the center of the information booth on the Main Concourse. The clock is often the focal point of interactions between visitors and locals.

Take a day trip and stroll through this architectural marvel, not only for its fascinating historical background and easy access to transportation but also for its many iconic restaurants and shops.

Bear Mountain State Park

A rugged mountain range rises from the Hudson River's west bank to Bear Mountain State Park

Park amenities include a large play area, picnic areas with shade, fishing access to lakes and rivers, swimming areas, the Trailside Museum, a zoo, and hiking and biking trails.

You can also enjoy ice skating on an outdoor rink from late October to mid-March.

Bear Mountain State Park

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Philadelphia Museum of Art

Every corner of New York holds a surprise. At the Philadelphia Museum of Art , you can see some of the country's most significant American, Asian, and European art collections, which are housed in the museum's landmark building.

The museum houses Van Gogh's Sunflowers, one of the biggest Marcel Duchamp exhibits in the world, and a Rodin museum - the only one outside of France dedicated to the artist.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

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Visit Independece Hall

Most people would agree that America was born here. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States were drafted and signed at Independence Hall.

They offer free guided tours of the Hall daily to the general public. The tour lasts 20 minutes and is led by a ranger from the National Park Service.

Visit Independece Hall

Long Island Day Trips

On the Whitsundays Mainland, Long Island is the neare st island. As its name suggests, the lake is long, almost nine kilometers but only 400 meters wide!

Most of Long Island is protected as a national park and offers 17 kilometers of trails to explore native plants and animals in a spectacular natural setting.

Take a day trip from New York City and enjoy the scenery of Fire Island National Seashore.

Long Island Day Trips

A day trip boat cruise across the Great South Bay will take you to a barrier island. You can reach it by ferry from Long Island's mainland.

The air is pure as this is a car-free area, which allows you to really get a feel for nature. Its 32 miles of pristine beaches are also a popular attraction.


Now you know which capital city has the best places to visit for the perfect day trip. Some are only a few hours away, like the cold spring and Minnewaska State Park Preserve.

Forget sitting at home with nothing to do. If you haven't before, you might like to try cross-country skiing, antique stores, and lighthouse point park.

Take a look at the list of things-to-do in NYC below and explore some of the amazing attractions that the city has to offer!

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