The Eight Best Music Stores in New York for Instruments and DJs

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What feeling do you get after experiencing all the phenomenal concerts, fabulous parties, and excellent record stores in New York City? New York is one of the most vibrant cities and boasts top brands of various musical instruments.

So, there are fantastic local music stores to explore if you need a guitar to join a metal band or a piano to start taking lessons. Check out these Best Music Stores in New York below.

Best Music Stores in New York

Are you searching for the perfect piano, vintage synth, or an ideal Strat? You can find all these at these stores in New York.

1. Main Drag Music Store NYC

Main Drag Music Store NYC

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Your go-to music creator record store is the Williamsburg shop in the borough. Notwithstanding the costly real estate influx, many of the population comprises musicians.

The brand-new and used pedals, guitars, acoustic instruments, and the complete armor of drums mean you are likely to find almost all you need to start a band of your own or take playing lessons.

Williamsburg is an ideal spot for new and used guitars and musical instruments, with an inclination towards those typically used in rock.

These are instruments like drums, basses, guitars, and the best selection of eccentric and standard keyboards.

You will also come across a collection of select accessories like boutique effects pedals, the necessary picks, and strings stocked in the music store. They have competitive prices and amazing staff too.

2. Retrofret Vintage Guitars

If you are searching for a vintage instrument or a truly eccentric, limited edition electric or acoustic guitar, this repair, and second-hand instruments shop in Brooklyn is the place to look.

This store specializes in banjos, guitars, ukuleles, lutes, and mandolins. Here, you can buy a used instrument, from aesthetic ornamental pieces to one-of-a-kind treasures.

Retrofret has established itself as the best classic stringed instruments hub in Brooklyn. It doesn’t just deal with guitars but also the weirdest strings and standard mandolins, banjos, piano, and guitars.

3. Rogue Music

Rogue Music

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Rogue Music is a shoebox music store with distinctive vintage and used gear. These range from keyboards to analog synths to guitars.

The music store sells and buys rare equipment and has been doing this since 1983. the business is, as such, an actual musician’s musical mecca.

Are you searching for an Akai keyboard, vintage Moog synthesizer, or guitar pedals? Then you will be delighted with the offerings at Rogue Music.

The shop also has an entirely authorized service department whose helpful staff are licensed repair and inspection technicians.

4. Control Musical Instruments

Control is a small storefront that deals with synthesizers and more in the line of art galleries instead of a conventional gear shop.

So, if your desire has always been to start a Kraftwerk-Esque electronic-music band of your own, look no further than Control.

Here, you will find walls covered in attendant accessories, modular synths, and fantastic staff to help you get started.

5. Turntable Lab Local Music Store

Turntable Lab Local Music Store

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DJs and music lovers will love this hip-hop harbor. They sell up-to-the-minute sound toys like Audio-Technica live turntables and Rane sound-mixing equipment, as well as men’s music-related streetwear and an array of pop culture magazines and books like the Arkitip magazine.

6. B&H Photo Video

B&H is more than a standard photo store. Here, you will find professional photographers from all around the world coming to look for equipment.

It is a busy and large flagship requiring the transportation of goods from its stockroom through an overhead conveyor belt.

Regardless of whether you are a keen beginner or an expert, B&H is your one-stop shop within the city for everything relating to audio, video, and photography.

7. Rivington Guitars

Rivington Guitars

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Rivington is a boutique storefront that bears more than its weight, considering the limited space that houses it.

The guitar center has walls covered with vintage and new guitars. Here, you will find a wide selection of wall-street-banker-priced and average-joe guitar varieties.

8. Guitar Center

The Guitar Center at Times Square is a store exhibiting an exotic serenity. The vast space has a comprehensive collection of expensive amps and axes.

The music store also has abundant instrument supplies, such as drumsticks and strings, at a friendly price.


The store where you get your musical supplies should not be a gamble. However, it would be best if musicians only shop where the quality and reliability of state-of-the-art and vintage music tools are guaranteed.

It would be a shame to come to New York City and not take advantage of all the amazing attractions the city has to offer. So if you're looking for something to do, be sure to check out the list of attractions below.

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