Amazing Date Ideas in New York

Amazing Date Ideas in New York

One of the most romantic cities in the world, New York is the choice of lovers the world over to enjoy a long weekend and a date night in the Big Apple with endless possibilities.

This is our guide to the best date ideas NYC offers. Whether you're looking for Amazing Date Ideas in New York or your next date night to keep a long-term flame burning.

First Date Ideas in NYC

First date jitters are to be expected when you're meeting someone new for the first time. A great date idea is something low-key that doesn't involve a lot of background noise and where you can get to know your new date.

New York is awash with great parks, perfect for grabbing a coffee and going for a stroll. Central Park, Prospect Park, and Bryant Park make an ideal first-date spot for an informal, low-intensity chat.

First Date Ideas in NYC

If you're feeling a little more adventurous, heading out for a few drinks at one of New York's many bars is another great way to break the ice. Enjoy each other's company and lay the foundations for a great second date.

Date Night Amazing Date Ideas in New York

There are dozens of other great ways to spend date night in New York once a relationship blossoms.

Taking in a typical movie date and one of NYC's many cinemas is always a good plan, as is taking a cooking class for two. New York Botanical Garden provides a stunning backdrop for photo opportunities and selfies for something a little slower-paced.

If you're nautically minded, taking a cruise along the Hudson River or around New York Harbor is a beautiful way of taking in the sights. Tours usually include the Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge and other highlights of the Manhattan skyline.

Alternatively, indulge your mutual appreciation of art at the Museum of Modern Art or one of NYC's many other art installations.

Date Night Ideas in NYC

Unique Date Ideas in New York City

As well as your typical date night ideas, there's nothing quite like a unique NYC date night to fan the flames of romance.

The Escape Game is unlike most escape rooms because it is a fully immersive experience with five escape room-like scenarios. However, the intricate sets and deeply involved ideas, such as completing an art heist without getting caught, or breaking out of prison, almost feel like they're taken from a movie set.

Heading to the Tokyo Record Bar near Washington Square Park allows you to have a drink and eat some authentic Japanese food. Meanwhile, the bar will enable you to help curate the playlist for the night by selecting your favorite tunes from their wide range of vinyl. This means you get to judge your partner's musical tastes.

Another unique date idea that might not immediately come to mind is to play ping pong at SPiN, which features 15 ping pong tables. Test your date's hand-eye coordination and whether or not they have a competitive edge.

Unique Date Ideas

Fun Date Ideas in New York

Whatever the weather, there's always plenty to do in NYC when planning an exciting date night.

During the spring and summer, mini golf is always a fun option. Test your swing and go head to head with your partner at Swingers, a complex of three nine-hole golf courses in Midtown Manhattan that includes street food and six cocktail bars.

Or, if you're a little out of town, head to the outdoor course at The William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg, which artist Jason Naylor decorated.

In the colder months, head to the Rockefeller Center to experience one of the best winter date ideas in New York City. Every winter, New Yorkers head to one of NYC's iconic landmarks to go ice skating outside, experiencing an authentic New York Christmas.

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A slightly more upmarket but equally enjoyable date idea is to take a helicopter tour . Sit back and revel in New York City's city lights at night while enjoying the luxury of your chartered helicopter.

Fun Date Ideas in New York

Date Nights in NYC

The Big Apple caters to every couple. For those that like to get their groove on, there is a dance floor for you.

Meanwhile, those that like to bond while eating can enjoy a food tour or head to a tasting room for a full-on culinary experience. Many eateries offer excellent value buffet meals, and those that prefer a liquid diet can get to know each other's palates over some wine tasting.

NYC is the ideal spot for movie buffs, from finding the place where Meg Ryan outdid herself in When Harry Met Sally in Katz's Deli to having Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Others may enjoy playing board games at one of the city's many game cafes or taking couples painting classes in a city renowned for its art.

Don't miss out on the best attractions in NYC! Check out the list below to plan your trip today.

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