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Downtown Brooklyn, located on the borough's northwest side, is one of the best places to enjoy yourself and eat seriously delicious food.

The fantastic food here is one of Downtown Brooklyn's best features. In addition, downtown Brooklyn is a common destination for young professionals, teeming with adorable cafés, laid-back restaurants, and trendy eateries.

It can be difficult to name favorite restaurants and determine which restaurants in Downtown Brooklyn are worth visiting because there are so many of them. We've compiled a list of the best restaurants Downtown Brooklyn just for you!

What Are The Best Restaurants Downtown Brooklyn?

1. DeKalb Market Hall

Food courts are popular at the moment and for a good reason. They provide business owners with financial advantages and a wide variety of delectable dining options for customers.

DeKalb Market Hall, located downstairs in City Point and has more than 30 vendors selling international cuisines, is a famous vinegar hill house for tourists.

Highlights include Creamline, which serves traditional American cuisine made with farm-fresh, seasonal ingredients, charred lemon skillet mussels, and Daigo Handroll, which offers contemporary and traditional Japanese hand rolls.

Everyone can find something they like at DeKalb Market Hall, which offers everything from premium smoothies to real arepas.

DeKalb Market Hall

Credit: DeKalb Market Hall

Address: 445 Albee Square West, Brooklyn, NY 11201, Downstairs at City Point.

2. Junior's Restaurant and Bakery

All fans of cheesecake, unite! Although Junior's Restaurant & Bakery has a fantastic menu, their famous cheesecake is the restaurant and bar's standout dish.

This well-known york restaurant, which has been operating since the 1950s, serves gourmet takes on traditional deli and diner fare.

It would be best if you did not go to miss this unique piece of New York's incredible history on Flatbush and DeKalb's corners.

Business people traveling across Brooklyn love having one of Junior's delectable cheesecakes with charming retro decor.

The Brownie Explosion Cheesecake is a favorite for New Yorkers and the "No. 1 Original Cheesecake plug" in Brooklyn City.

If you're a fan of Junior's legendary cheesecake, you'll be delighted to know the city has more to offer! Don't miss out on our delectable guide to the Best Cheesecake in New York City.

Address: 386 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Juniors Restaurant and Bakery

Credit: Junior's Restaurant and Bakery

3. Shake Shack Dining room

A mainstay in New York is the Shake Shack Dinning room. Shake shack is also one of the top restaurants in downtown Brooklyn popularly known by travelers, serving premium burgers, pizza, and milkshakes.

A preferred location for a quick bite or to sate one roof my fast food cravings is the Downtown Brooklyn Shake Shack, which is situated between Adams Street and Pearl Street with a manhattan skyline.

You will enjoy their renowned Shack burger, the best fast-food cheeseburger in the industry.

Add hand-spun milkshakes and pop up a side of crinkle-cut fries to complete the meal. Their frozen custards are also tasty if you have a big sweet tooth for dessert.

Address: 409 Fulton Street, Between Adams St and Pearl St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Shake Shack Dining room

Credit: Shake Shack Dining room

4. New Apollo Diners

The New Apollo Diner frequently referred to as Brooklyn's most well-liked eatery is necessary for an authentic Brooklyn dining experience.

New Apollo Diner offers a refined and elevated version of each traditional American diner dish in keeping with Brooklyn tradition.

Order a Monte Cristo or open a Reuben sandwich for an authentic New York one. Additional options include Italian sandwiches, Best Sandwiches in Brooklyn, unique comfort food dinners, and a selection of salads.

The burrata, chicken liver mousse, cast iron chicken, cheese speck pizza, and so on are best served here.

Address: 155 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

5. Bluestone Lane DUMBO Café

The Australian-inspired café and restaurant that can't be missed, Bluestone Lane, has locations scattered throughout central New York and American cities.

You should try to stop by the DUMBO location for an Australian-style latte, and their avocado smash toast whenever you are out and about in Brooklyn.

Almost everything on the other menu items at Bluestone Lan is something I adore, but there are a few in particular that I suggest for a first visit.

Try the traditional cafe flat white or an Aussie iced latte espresso with ice cream and milk—yum!), both popular in Australia.

The banana bread with whipped ricotta, berries, and honey on top is a culinary dream come true.

Address: 321 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

6. Dallas BBQ

If you enjoy eating barbecue, don't miss an opportunity to sample the fare at Dallas BBQ. This neighborhood chain serves a selection of American cuisine, frozen drinks, seafood, and barbecue dishes throughout New York City.

Consider ordering the chicken and waffles or trying the Taco Bowl salad.

When you go for lunch, brunch, or dinner to Dallas BBQ with your friends or business partners, it's always a perfect time.

Ensure you get a pitcher of their renowned frozen margaritas while eating pulled pork, burgers, and other delicious food.

Address: 180 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

7. The Migrant Kitchen

The Migrant Kitchen is the ideal representation of Brooklyn City's diverse culinary scene. Recognizing the founders' cultural origins, they serve dishes from Latin America and the Middle East.

Additionally, The Migrant Kitchen interacts with the NYC neighborhood by feeding the hungry with a portion of their earnings.

You could go on and on about the amazing food and what to try off the menu. True innovators chefs Dan Dorado and Nasser Jaber create unique takes on well-known and popular dishes here.

The superb roasted chicken and slow-roasted pork shawarma are just two of The Migrant Kitchen's delectable dishes.

Address: 1433 1st Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, NY 10021

8. Menya Jiro Brooklyn

Menya Jiro Brooklyn

Credit: Menya Jiro Brooklyn

We suggest visiting Menya Jiro on Brooklyn Bridge for a genuine New York City ramen experience. This Downtown Brooklyn restaurant excels at various soup and sushi dishes with a modern and classic aesthetic.

The fantastic ramen menu at Menya Jiro is its claim to fame. I suggest trying the spicy and the rich ramen since they are both well-liked dishes.

Menya Jiro also has a fantastic sushi menu, with spicy salmon sushi receiving high praise. The delicious pan-fried dumplings and the spicily fried chicken are other dishes on the dinner menu.

Address: 306 Gold Street, C2 (on Johnson b/t Gold & Flatbush), Brooklyn, NY 11201

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn

What Type of Cuisine can I expect in Downtown Brooklyn?

There are different classes of food to pick from in Downtown Brooklyn restaurants, including Italian, French, American, Asian, and so on. Everything from casual eateries and food trucks to upscale fine dining establishments is available. There are some vegetarian and vegan options available on the menu list.

Can I Make a Reservation at a Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY?

Yes, reservations are accepted at the majority of Downtown Brooklyn restaurants. For large groups or during prime lunch or dinner, some restaurants may require a deposit or credit card hold to guarantee a reservation.

How Long Would it Take to Eat at Every Restaurant in Brooklyn?

There are thousands of restaurants in downtown Brooklyn Brooklyn, and it is almost impossible to calculate how long it would take to eat at each one. Additionally, restaurants frequently change ownership or close while others open new ones. The duration would also depend on how often and how many restaurants were visited each day.

How Much Will it Cost me to Eat in a Restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn?

The meal cost in a restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn can vary depending on the establishment and the menu items chosen.


There is no lone best restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn because it depends on personal preferences and tastes. There is something for everyone in the area, thanks to various cuisine choices and restaurants.

To find the ideal dining experience for your palate, it is advised to read reviews, peruse menus, and visit several restaurants.

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