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Sandwiches are one of Brooklyn’s most popular meals, they serve them for lunch, supper, or breakfast. In addition to great food and breakfast sandwiches, based on reviews, New York creates some of the best sandwiches in the world.

Therefore, where can you find the Best Sandwiches in Brooklyn? Or discover a sandwich shop on the best streets of Brooklyn.

Our picks for the best sandwiches Brooklyn are listed below! Don't forget to try our choices for Brooklyn Sandwich businesses, since they all have a terrific assortment of great sandwiches. cubano sandwich shop

The 12 Best Sandwiches Brooklyn

Venture into the heart of Brooklyn and discover the amazing variety of sandwiches this borough has to offer.

Whether you're on the hunt for a classic deli Reuben, a mouthwatering Italian sub, or a vegan delight, Brooklyn is your sandwich haven.

Here, we're taking you on a culinary journey through the 12 best sandwiches in Brooklyn.

1. Roll N Roaster

Roll N Roaster Brooklyn sandwiches

Photo via Roll N Roaster

Herepshead Bay Roll N Roasters is a true New York institution. It is well-known for its superb roast pork roll and corned beef sandwich, which has received widespread media notice. Those who tried it may agree that Brooklyn sandwiches were a success.

Consider slow-roasted beef made according to your cooking preferences, then served on a soft bun with pan sauce. Consider the presence of fresh cheddar and Roll N Roasters' favorite sandwich.

  • Website: Herepshead Bay Roll N Roasters 
  • Address: 2901 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

2. Lioni's Italian Heroes Brooklyn

Lionis Italian Heroes Brooklyn

Photo via Lioni's Italian Heroes Brooklyn

Lioni's Italian Heroes has two offices in Brooklyn, which means you can get amazing and delicious sandwiches, at a low cost just the right amount. Over 150 sandwich varieties are available at the bakery.

You simply need to go to the Lions to have the tastiest fried chicken sandwich and, in your view, the most fascinating options. Because the majority of the names are Italian, you must ask the folks to clarify your situation.

3. Ends Meat

Ends Meat

Photo via Ends Meat

Saturday nights with charcuterie are extra delectable. A typical Brooklyn salumeria and sandwich and small grocery store serving fresh local meats obtained directly from farmers who care.

For lunch and supper, Ends Meat's meat and cheese platters are delectable.

Sandwich fillings in Brooklyn sandwich businesses are basic and traditional, allowing the meat to shine as the main element of a chicken roast beef sandwich.

Serve a bacon and patisserie sandwich. Customers enjoy the meal, which consists of kimchi, cilantro, pork, and Italian Mortadella.

  • Website: Ends Meat
  • Address: 254 36th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

4. Bread & Spread

Bread and Spread Brooklyn

Photo via Bread & Spread

DUMBO Bread n Spread can help you upgrade your morning sandwich. A charming sandwich store that many in the area regarded as the best in Brooklyn. 

Fresh ciabatta bread with a crispy crust, fried egg, and layers of tomatoes and herbs lend flavor and texture to their classic egg, fried eggplant, and cheese sandwiches.

When the day turns into noon, the Bread & Spread remains an excellent meal-time location, especially for those seeking something to eat before seeing the Brooklyn Bridge.

5. Mile-End Delicatessen

Mile-End Delicatessen

Photo via Mile-End Delicatessen

This modest establishment draws a sizable audience. There will be many sandwich kinds, such as the grilled pork sausage breakfast sandwich here, as well as Montreal-style breakfast sandwiches and classics.

This Mile-End Delicatessen sandwich spot is located on Boerum Hill and they have amazing sandwiches and have been in selling for more than 12 years.

It also serves some excellent Canadian sandwiches. The tower, which contains 70 layers, is the best site to observe it.

6. Fedoroff's Roast Pork

Fedoroffs Roast Pork

Photo via Fedoroff's Roast Pork

Federoff’s Roast Port sandwich shop is more of a cheesesteak and grilled cheese sandwich joint, so you can always count on this place. 

It is thus critical that you constantly prepare something less delectable for yourself. You have cheesesteaks, classic grilled cheese and sandwiches waiting for you, and other delicious food.

It's fantastic for anyone who enjoys Italian hoagies, and it'll be much better on the other. Make certain it's an excellent supper. As a side dish, they generally serve it with broccoli rabe.

7. Mill Basin Kosher Delicious Sandwiches

Mill Basin Kosher Delicious Sandwiches

Photo via Mill Basin Kosher Delicious Sandwiches

Mill Basin Kosher was formed by cooks in the culinary industry who wanted to honor their grandmothers' memories and spirits. 

How do we achieve this without having to establish a restaurant for everyone to appreciate her masterpiece?

It is also well-known for its smoked meats and fried chicken. This shop serves smoked turkey and a variety of delectable sandwiches to consumers. Surprisingly, their favorite dish is the Smoky Meat Sandwich.

  • Website: Mill Basin Kosher
  • Address: 5823 Avenue T, Brooklyn, NY 11234, United States

8. Anthony & Son Panini Shoppe

Anthony Son Panini Shoppe

Photo via Anthony & Son Panini Shoppe

Anthony & Son Panini Shoppe Williamsburg: Chicken Cutlet sandwich is the main dish in Italian restaurants, and it still reflects Anthony's spirit.

Order the Mario Special when you visit the Brooklyn sandwich shop for an incredible treat! Thick and tasty grilled chicken cutlets are topped with spinach and onions in this warm and toasty sandwich.

They also come with a hot chip-flavored sauce as an extra treat. Anthony & Son bills itself as a historic establishment that mixes "Old school delicacies with new school flavors." And we will both agree.

9. David's Brisket House & Deli

Davids Brisket House & Deli

Photo via David's Brisket House and Deli

Given the fierce competition for traditional Jewish restaurants in Manhattan, only the best survived.

David's Brisket House & Deli has been in business for 75 years. Brooklyn's hungry populace loves the hot Pastrami, sandwich, and Reuben.

Its brisket rivals its pastrami in terms of wetness, softness, and taste. When enticed, guests have little option but to choose between these top goods because David also serves spaghetti and brisket sandwiches on Rye with melted cheese and basic seasonings.

10. Brooklyn Gourmet Deli

Brooklyn Gourmet Deli

Photo via Yelp

The Brooklyn Gourmet Deli is conveniently located near the restaurant on Fulton Street. Just look at the vibrant murals that line the facade. This is a terrific restaurant with fantastic NYC street art in a fantastic location.

The seat is not located within the hotel. This is a bodega with food available. Bring sandwiches or craft beer to share.

11. The Sandwich Shop

The Sandwich Shop

Photo via The Sandwich Shop

Sandwich shops in Brooklyn employ fresh ingredients and have an international vibe. Apart from tasty sandwiches like the Cuban, Mexican, and Chipotle BLT, the restaurants have excellent service and welcoming owners.

Try something different with the Chipotle Melt. The Sandwich Shop has made this delectable dish with chipotle mayo cheese melted with ham on brioche buns. Inside, there are no seats.

12. Court Street Grocers – Williamsburg

Court Street Grocers – Williamsburg

Photo via On The Grid City

This isn't your average Brooklyn Delicia. There are some items on this deli menu that is not commonly found on deli menus.

The vegetarian burger is a sandwich. The Court Street Supermarket has several interesting and non-Judaic deli selections. You are not to blame.


What Is a Brooklyn Sandwich?

Sandwich on Brooklyn Avenue with Pastrami, Cole Slaw, Russian Dressing, and Rye Get straight to the recipe.

You won't want to miss this Brooklyn Avenue. Sandwich lovers, Mad Men fans, and sandwich aficionados! Pastrami on rye toast with cole slaw and Russian dressing on the side.

What City Makes the Best Sandwiches?

In New York, you may satisfy your cravings for bagels, Reubens, Bahn mis, and tortas. Of all the cities in our rating, New York City earns the first position overall, with the greatest sandwich Quality and Interest. Fast meals are especially popular in professional centers such as Washington.

Why is Sandwich the Perfect Food in Brooklyn?

Convenience - Sandwiches may be purchased in almost any place. They can use anything as filling as long as it is sandwiched between two pieces of bread.

Sandwiches have a sentimental quality to them; we grew up eating them! Mess-Free - They're really easy to consume on the move without spilling them all over the place.


Brooklyn is a sandwich lover's dream, with many alternatives perfect sandwiches here to satiate any appetite. There's something for everyone, from classic deli sandwiches to inventive concoctions.

Brooklyn is unquestionably a top destination for the greatest sandwiches in the world, thanks to its fresh, high-quality ingredients and expert sandwich makers.

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