Spring Awakening in New York City

Spring Awakening in New York City

Do you ever find yourself counting down the days till spring? Most New Yorkers will agree that spring is one of the best seasons in the city once February is over and March starts.

Springtime in the most fascinating city in the world provides reprieve from the chilly weather after weeks of those awful polar vortexes and nor'easters in addition to a variety of enjoyable activities.

New York City's five boroughs experience an upbeat mood in the spring. People take off their winter coats and come out to enjoy the city's green spaces.

Here's your chance to take in the cherry blossoms at botanic gardens, unwind with a stroll around one of NYC's 1,700 parks, or indulge in a leisurely brunch outside while supporting the neighborhood's eateries.

Here are 10 reasons why spring is the best time to visit New York – and is especially rewarding for those who live here.

1. New York's Springtime Attire

For women, this means removing their tights and accessorizing with chic ankle booties, stilettos, ballerina flats, and peep-toe wedges.

Dresses and spring coats combine to create casual outfits for heading out. Men can clear space in their closets for blazers and vests by storing the big sweaters until the following season.

No more bulky layers, stockings, puffer jackets with down filling, and, most importantly, no more waterproof winter boots. Compared to winter fashion, spring clothing is more airy, fun, bright, and upbeat.

2. Longer Days

Days are longer and nights are shorter after we advance our clocks. This means there will be more sunlight and daylight hours for exploring the city and enjoying every second of spring in New York.

3. Spring Temperatures

Most days are typically between the upper 60s and low 70s, with cooler evenings in the 50s. In New York, springtime weather is ideal for a cardigan, pullover, or denim jacket, which leads me to my next observation.

4. Fresh Air

In New York, spring typically signals the end of the heating season, the end of the need for air conditioning, and the beginning of the window-opening season.

A gentle breeze blows inside, tossing the drapes and cleaning off the musty winter air. We can clearly hear the sounds of the city, and the constant hum of the traffic serves as a reminder that we are in New York City.

5. The Mood

Even the most pessimistic New Yorker can't resist the joy that a picture-perfect spring day brings.

Weather in the low to mid-seventies; Mr. Softee trucks scattered throughout the city; birds chirping; dogs and children playing; open and ready for business outside cafés.

Most noticeably, the city appears more vibrant, smells better, and has a tangible vitality.

spring time to visit NYC

6. The Stunning Parks

Although Central Park is the park that belongs to every New Yorker, there are hundreds of additional public green areas spread out over the city.

Bryant, Washington Square, Fort Tryon, Union Square, and the High Line are some of Manhattan's most well-known parks.

However, the other boroughs give the city's network of parks its fair share of open space. For example, Brooklyn's Prospect Park rivals Central Park in terms of geography, vegetation, monuments, events, programs, and open space.

7. There Are Blooms All Over

Nearly every area has streets with trees and flowerbeds brimming with buds. If you allow yourself to look, you'll discover natural areas abounding in New York's nooks and crannies.

Crabapple, Magnolia, Weeping Cherry, Dogwood, Eastern Redbud, and other trees can be found all around NYC, particularly in the public parks.

8. No Snow

Despite the chilly start to the season, warmer days are ahead. Even frigid weather without snow indicates that spring is approaching.

9. Outdoor Dining And Drinking

When spring arrives in New York, residents leave their cramped apartments to enjoy some fresh air and experience the city.

This involves bringing a picnic and going to a park, or sipping coffee, drinks, or wine at a sidewalk café.

10. Walks That Are Leisurely Anywhere In The City

Walking around the city will always be one of the most delightful things to do in New York during the spring season, regardless of whether you have children, a dog, or are single in the city.

I advise slipping on your coziest shoes and hitting the streets, perhaps discovering a new block or neighborhood.

Top Spring Activities in New York City

Top Spring Activities in New York City

Due to the warmer weather, there is no time to waste while planning your spring vacation to New York City.

Despite the fact that New York is most known for its concrete jungle, the city also boasts some of the most well-liked parks and botanical gardens in the nation.

If you want a side of blossoms with your urban adventure, schedule a trip to one of New York City's famed botanical gardens in the spring.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden's most well-known event is the Hanami Festival, a month-long celebration of the Japanese tradition of honoring the cherry blossoms that signal the start of spring.

One of the pleasures of Hanami is taking a trip through Cherry Esplanade, a gorgeous display of double-flowering cherry trees that typically bloom near the end of April.

Meanwhile, the New York Botanical Garden's magnolia trees in the Bronx have already started to bud.

You can't help but smell these lovely white and pink blossoms as you pass through the grove of mature Magnolias planted along Magnolia Way from March through April.

If you're visiting the New York Botanical Garden this year, you wouldn't want to miss the stunning Orchid Show, which draws thousands of visitors each year.

Both of these botanical gardens are accessible with the New York Pass, which also grants access to the Cloisters Museum and Gardens in Upper Manhattan and the Staten Island Botanical Garden in addition to more than 70 other well-liked New York attractions.

The best way to enjoy Central Park is by cycling through it. You can hire a bike for the day at one of Bike and Roll's Central Park locations (Columbus Circle or Tavern on the Green).

You may also sign up for a three-hour Central Park Bike Tour with one of Bike and Roll's professional guides if this is your first time visiting New York City.

You'll view landmarks like Bethesda Terrace, Belvedere Castle, and the John Lennon memorial in Strawberry Fields while exercising in Central Park.

Since the mild weather is perfect for strolling in New York, spring is the best season for one of the city's walking tours.

On one of the several walking tours offered by City Food Tours around the city's most well-known areas, you can take in the sights while indulging in fine cuisine.

You can sample artisanal cheeses and craft beers on the Craft Beer, Cheese, and Chocolate Tour of the Upper West Side, or you can take the Flavors of New York Tour of the East Village to learn about how genuine New Yorkers eat.

You'll need the energy because the days are growing longer and there will be more to see this Spring in NYC.

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