The Complete Guide to New York’s Bleecker Street

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Bleecker street is a famous street in New York, famous for its comedy and musical venues. Nestled in Greenwich village, lower Manhattan, Bleecker Street is named after Anthony Bleecker.

Bleeker street connects East village and Bowery to Abingdon Square, the intersection of Hudson Street - where the Hudson river is, and Eight Avenue.

A Brief History of Bleecker Street NYC

Bleecker Street Bar and Bleecker Street Theater are some of the notable places that makes the street famous. With a rich culture, the neighborhood holds a deep history for many. For instance, the street is home to record store and bookstore owned by Marc Jacobs.

Anthony Bleecker and his wife in 1808, transferred a major part of their farm, allowing the street to run through it. Thankfully, Manhattan's population grew during that time causing Greenwich Village to be a spot for wealthier New Yorkers to relax during summer.

Owing to the influx of people, boarding houses were built. In the 70's, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen visited Bleeker street making it a hub for live music.

History of Bleecker Street NYC

What is Bleecker Street’s Location?

Bleecker Street is located in New York City, and it starts in the center of the West Village and goes across Greenwich Village. It is bounded in the east by the Bowery in NoHo. The street crosses Broadway and 6th Avenue, the boundary between the communities, intersects Lafayette Street on one side and Mercer Street on another side, very close to Mercer Street Books Stand.

W Houston Street is one block south of 1st Street and one street south of Bleecker Street. Bleecker Street NYC is about one mile (1.6km) long, and it’ll take close to 25 minutes to trek from the beginning to the end of the street.

What Makes Bleecker Street Famous?

What Makes Bleecker Street Famous

Great restaurants such as Dante New York City, Manousheh Bleecker, and Villa Mosconi (a family-run Italian restaurant) are part of the pride of Bleecker Street NYC. These restaurants make Bleecker Street a frequently visited place for New Yorkers.

Many students sit in the cafes on Bleecker Street with their mobile phones and laptops early in the morning, mainly because the NYU School of Law, the NYU Stern School, and New York University are just two blocks from the street.

Top Hotels near Bleecker Street

Bleecker Street NYC is an incredible tourist attraction with so much to offer its visitors. To get the best experience during your stay in Bleecker street is to stay in a hotel close to the street. These are some of the recommended hotels offering the best deals from which you can choose.



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This 4-star hotel is one of the most beautiful and newest hotels in New York. You’ll find it in the Lower East Side community, on the corner of the East Village and Nolita. The hotel has a fantastic bar, restaurant, and rooftop bar to enjoy the scenic night view.

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CitizenM New York Bowery

CitizenM New York Bowery

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This hotel is a 4-star hotel with bright, stylish rooms, and a fantastic rooftop bar. It is an absolute favorite of locals in the area.



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The SIXTY SoHo is a 5-star hotel and one of the most stylish and luxurious hotels in NYC. It’s a place with a feel-good atmosphere everywhere you go.

Best Restaurants and Cafes along Bleecker Street

There’s a wide range of restaurants on this street, from Lebanese to Italian to Japanese cuisines – you can be confident you’ll enjoy the best dishes there.

The cafes also offer excellent coffee, cold brew, espresso, flat white, or whatever you look for in a café. You can try the Magnolia Bakery for tasty cupcakes.

Carroll Place

Carroll Place Bleecker Street

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This restaurant is a wine bar and gastro pub serving Italian-inspired dishes. A must-try dish is the pasta vongole and pizza with truffles.

Manousheh Bleecker

This Lebanese restaurant is famous for its sweet and savory flatbread. You can enjoy the bread with sesame seed, zaatar, Halawa, Nutella, or any choice you prefer.

Levain Bakery

Levain Bakery Bleecker Street

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This café is known for its oversized fresh cookies, and you’ll find it in Williamsburg, the Upper West Side, and in the NoHo community on Bleecker Street. They all serve tasty large bread, american cheese, cookies, and pastries with delicious coffee.

The Butcher’s Daughter

This café is a favorite of many New Yorkers. The menu and atmosphere of this café are incredible. The ingredients used in the cafe are 100% organic and from local farms.

To Wrap It Up

Bleecker street is no doubt an amazing place to visit and it is connected to notable figures like Allen Ginsberg, Robert Moses, and Woody Allen, who either were born there or lived there at some point in their lives. Infact, the street has a building owned by the great grandfather of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The street has shopping malls, street bars, and silver towers. It also has attractions like, Minetta Triangle, Laguardia Place and Leroy place.

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