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Are you planning a New York trip in September? You're in luck. September marks the beginning of fall in the Big Apple and one of the best months of the year to visit NYC.

The daytime high temperatures are comfortable, the crowds have dissipated, and the leaves in Central Park are changing color. Let's discover what to do New York in September!

September Weather in New York City

September marks the unofficial end of spring and the beginning of the Fall Season for New York City. The average high temperature is 75 °F while the average low is a pleasant 61°F. Early September weather is still very summery but rarely rises above 90°F.

Late September in New York feels more fall-like, but it's not cold enough to warrant packing your winter coat. Nighttime and early morning low temperatures can be quite chilly and will drop to around 50°F, so bring a light jacket if you plan early evening or morning excursions in the city.

September Weather in New York City

On average, it rains seven days in September, but don't expect significant rain storms in July or August. The average rainfall is around 1/2 inch on rainy days, and there will be days when the sun is obscured by clouds.

Overall, New York weather is pleasant, warm, and sunny throughout the entire month.

How to pack for New York in September

You can get away with shorts and summer dresses in New York in September, but it's a good idea to pack lightweight, long sleeve clothing and sweaters as the temperature will drop in the evenings. September brings great weather for sightseeing, so make sure to bring some comfortable shoes so that you can explore the city at your leisure.

What to do in New York in September

What to do in New York in September

There is always something exciting to do in New York City. September is the perfect time to enjoy picnics and other outdoor activities, take in a Broadway show, or see some of the city's most iconic attractions. Consider buying an official New York Tourist Pass to access the most popular activities at reduced rates, or shop online for two-for-one deals. Here are a few things you should put on your bucket list:

  • Attend the Free Qualifying Tournament of the US Open: Before the main tournament officially opens, you can view the qualifying tournament and practice sessions of the US Open.
  • Spend Labor Day Weekend Like a Local: Even though it's a national holiday, most restaurants stay open on Labor Day, but New Yorkers tend to flock to the parks for picnics. It's the perfect time to take a day trip to the Hamptons or Fire Island.
  • Attend the San Gennaro Festival : This 11-day festival takes place in Little Italy over August and September. You can sample Italian cuisine from the many food vendors in the neighborhood or join a cannoli eating contest. There are plenty of attractions and free events to enjoy throughout Little Italy during the Feast of San Gennaro.
  • Listen to Some Music: If you like live DJs and dancing to electronic music, you will enjoy the Electric Zoo Music Festival in early September. Alternatively, take in Broadway Week, Off-Broadway Week, the New York Philharmonic, or the New York Ballet.
  • Cool off in Coney Island : Take in the beaches and the fairground at the city's iconic Coney Island.
  • Take on a Walking Tour: The weather is great for walking tours. Book guided tours through Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Lower Manhattan.
  • Get in the Halloween Spirit: You can get a headstart on the spooky season by visiting the Queens Farm Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch . It starts in mid-September and finishes at the end of October.

Final Thoughts

There is always something new to do when you visit New York City. NYC boasts incredible museums, restaurants, theaters, and a vibrant nightlife. September is not nearly as cold as December and not as hot as July, making it a perfectly temperate time of year to spend outdoors.

There are far fewer crowds, which means it's so much easier to get reservations at the top restaurants and tickets for the top shows.

According to NYC locals, September may just be the perfect month to visit the City That Never Sleeps. Why not book your tickets and experience it for yourself?

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