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Is there anywhere in the world you'd rather spend the New Year than New York? New York in January is cold but vibrant, with plenty of shows, attractions, and culinary delights to enjoy.

Grab your winter coat and boats, and head to the Big Apple because January promises to be spectacular.

Weather in New York In January

Expect cold weather if you visit the city of New York, with temperatures that drop well below freezing.

Make sure to pack warm clothes, winter boots to keep your feet warm, and plenty of layers to make the most of the winter season in New York.

Weather in New York In January

Things to Do in New York in January

Whether you are a solo traveler or visiting the city with your family, there are several attractions and events that appeal to locals and tourists alike.

1. Take in a Few Broadway Shows

see Broadway Shows

Seeing a Broadway Show like the Lion King or Hamilton should be on your bucket list.

The good news is that you can buy discount tickets during Broadway Week in January. Alternatively, see the New York City Ballet perform their winter repertoire.

2. Go Ice Skating

Go Ice Skating

Most tourists head to Rockefeller Center to take a final glimpse at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and enjoy the legendary ice rink, but it can get busy (and admission is cheap).

Locals prefer to head to Bryant Park and the Winter Village or Central Park ice skating rinks, where you can shop and skate for free (if you remember to pack your skates).

It's much less crowded, as well, and you can book online.

3. See the New York Botanical Garden

See the New York Botanical Garden

The Botanical garden has a lot more to offer than snow-covered trees. There is the annual holiday train show where miniature trains zip around famous New York landmarks, a Gingerbread Village, and tropical plants on display in a warm greenhouse.

4. Attend Some of the City's Best Events

best events in NYC

New Year's Day is a National Holiday, so there's no excuse not to head to Times Square to see the ball drop on New Year's Eve from the street or observation decks around the city.

As January is the coldest month of the year, it's a perfect time to explore indoor events and museums, including the American Museum of Natural History , the Empire State Building, the Winter Antiques Show, or the Winter Jazzfest.

Don't forget that it's Restaurant Week in January, which gives you access to incredible culinary delights at venues scattered around the city.

5. See the Three Kings Day Parade

You can't miss the El Museo del Barrio's annual fete in the first week of January. Real camels, donkeys, and colorful dolls and puppets march down the street in all of their splendor, with plenty of music and giveaways to enjoy.

6. Have Fun For Free

Have Fun For Free in nyc

There are several free tours in the city, or you can use an app to plan your own route.

You can enjoy the No Pants Subway Ride, an annual improv event that takes the subway by storm, the Idiotard Annual Shopping Cart Race, or take a walking tour through Wave Hill, an estate and garden in the Bronx.

Alternatively, stroll past the stores on Fifth Avenue, where retail displays celebrate the holiday season.

7. Check Out a Game

New York City has several options for sports lovers, including NBA Basketball, football playoffs, ice hockey, and College Basketball at Madison Square Garden.

Book your tickets in advance to ensure a seat at the more popular games.

Check Out a Game

8. Take a Bus Tour

A bus tour is the best way to see the city on a cold day. You enjoy the hop-on, hop-off Red Bus tours across the city, or take a specialist Sex in the City tour to see where your favorite characters lived, ate, and dated.

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January in New York offers fun activities, shows, and scenery to enjoy, despite the chilly weather.

The city starts quieting down after the New Year's rush and becomes a quiet winter wonderland blanketed in snow. There's nothing quite like it, so make sure to book your tickets and see them for yourself.

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