Best Restaurants in JFK Terminal 5

Best Restaurants in JFK Terminal 5

Are you embarking on a journey from JFK Terminal 5 and wondering where to find the best dining options? Look no further! When it comes to airport dining, Terminal 5 at John F. Kennedy International Airport has an array of culinary delights waiting to satisfy your taste buds.

Whether you're in the mood for a quick bite or a leisurely meal before your flight, this guide to the Best Restaurants in JFK Terminal 5 will help you navigate your dining choices seamlessly.

Key Takeaways

  1. Diverse Dining Selection: Discover a variety of dining establishments offering everything from gourmet burgers to international cuisine.
  2. Convenient Locations: Learn about the restaurants' locations within Terminal 5 for easy access.
  3. Quality and Flavor: Find out which restaurants are known for their delicious dishes and exceptional service.

Airport dining doesn't have to be ordinary. Read on to explore the culinary gems within JFK Terminal 5, ensuring that your pre-flight dining experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Which Terminal in JFK Airport Has Food?

When at JFK, your food options will depend on which terminal and airline you're using. Terminal 5 is home to Aer Lingus, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue, TAP Portugal, Cape Air, and other international airlines.

Along with this, there is also a domestic side, so we are sure you might just wind up in this terminal if you fly through here.

Every terminal has food choices available, but for those looking for JFK terminal 5 food choices, there is a wide range of variety from traditional American Food to Asian gourmet.

The food court is filled with delicious options.

Best Restaurants in JFK Terminal 5 - Food

JFK Terminal 5 Food

Many restaurants are available at JFK airport, but a few stand out amongst the crowd. We thought we'd take an in-depth look at them to help you if you are looking for food in that terminal while on a layover at JFK airport.

From a famed Manhattan steakhouse to a burger joint to a place that allows you to pick up fly-by bagels, there is something for everyone.

Though there are a lot of great dining options available to you, whether you are in the arrivals area or the departures level, these are some of the best restaurants for you in this terminal:

CIBO Express Gourmet Market at JFK Terminal 5

CIBO Express Gourmet Market

Photo credit: The Dairy Free Traveler

CIBO Express Gourmet Market, located in various spots in JFK Terminal 5 including opposite the security checkpoint, baggage claim 4, gates 4 and 9, and in the food hall post-security, serves as a convenient stop for grab-and-go fare. 

This market is known for its variety of options, catering to travelers looking for quick and easy food choices.

While the overall experience is generally positive, there have been instances that detracted from customer satisfaction.

Product Quality

The quality of the food at CIBO Express Gourmet Market is usually fresh and tasty, as highlighted by experiences with items like the Cobb Salad. 

However, occasional issues like finding a piece of plastic in the salad raise concerns about quality control.

Customer Service

The response to customer complaints appears mixed. In the mentioned incident, while the manager handled the situation promptly and kindly, the initial response from the cashier was less satisfactory, focusing more on the fact that most of the food had been consumed rather than addressing the customer’s concern directly.

Pricing and Variety

The market is appreciated for its great variety, offering a range of choices that cater to different tastes and preferences. 

The buffet by weight is a highlight for many, providing a customizable option for travelers. Prices are considered reasonable, especially by airport standards.

In summary, CIBO Express Gourmet Market is a viable option for travelers in JFK Terminal 5 seeking quick, varied, and reasonably priced food options.

While the quality and customer service are generally good, there have been isolated incidents that suggest room for improvement.

Overall, it remains a convenient and popular choice for those in need of a quick meal or snack before or after a flight.

Custom Burger at JFK Terminal 5

Custom Burger at JFK Terminal 5

Photo credit: Foursquare

Custom Burger, a grab-and-go burger shop in the food hall post-security at JFK Terminal 5, has unfortunately garnered a significantly negative reputation among patrons. 

The primary issues reported include both the quality of the food and the service. Customers have expressed strong dissatisfaction, suggesting that this restaurant may not be the best choice for those seeking a quick and satisfying meal.


Service at Custom Burger has been criticized for being slow and seemingly indifferent. Experiences of prolonged waiting times, even when the need for a quick meal is evident due to impending flights, have been a common complaint among customers. 

This lack of urgency and attention from the staff has contributed to the overall poor impression of the establishment.

Food Quality

The quality of the burgers and fries has been a major point of discontent. Reports of burgers being incorrectly made, hard to chew, and tasting like they were inadequately cooked from a frozen state are frequent. 

Additionally, complaints about stale fries indicate a lack of freshness in the food served. The overarching consensus is that the food offered falls short of even the most basic quality standards expected from a burger joint.


The price point, particularly in relation to the quality of food received, has been another significant issue. 

With customers paying substantial amounts for their meals, the expectation for decent quality is understandably high. However, experiences suggest that the value for money at Custom Burger is severely lacking.

In summary, Custom Burger currently stands as a less-than-ideal option for travelers at JFK Terminal 5.

With numerous reports of poor food quality, lackluster service, and high prices, it might be advisable for passengers to consider other dining options available in the terminal. 

The consistently negative feedback points to a need for significant improvements in both the food and service offered at this establishment.

New York Sports Bar and Grill

New York Sports Bar and Grill

New York Sports Grill, a bar offering burgers and sandwiches located near Gates 9-10 post-security at JFK Terminal 5, provides a mixed dining experience for travelers.

While some aspects of the service are commendable, other elements, particularly the ordering system and food quality, have drawn criticism from customers.


The service at New York Sports Grill has its high points, with employees like Tara receiving praise for attentive and accommodating customer care.

However, the reliance on barcode-only service for ordering has caused frustration among some patrons. Issues such as forgotten orders and delays in receiving items are noted, detracting from the overall satisfaction with the service.

Food Quality and Menu

The menu options, including a chicken Caesar wrap and Chicken Parmesan Pita, are described as average by patrons.

While the offerings are typical of a bar setting, they do not seem to stand out in terms of quality or taste.

Ordering System

The QR code ordering system, though modern, has been a source of inconvenience for customers.

The requirement to select a tip percentage before receiving service has been particularly contentious, especially given the self-service nature of the ordering process.


The pricing, ranging from $20 to $30, is on the higher side, which is expected at an airport location. However, the value for money is questioned, especially considering the overall quality of food and service. 

The cost of beverages like beer has been highlighted as particularly steep, with a pint of Stella costing around $19 when including taxes and tips.


The atmosphere of New York Sports Grill aligns with that of a typical airport bar, catering to travelers looking for a quick bite or drink during their layover.

In summary, New York Sports Grill offers a convenient option for travelers in JFK Terminal 5 looking for bar-style food and drinks.

While the service has its moments of excellence, the challenges with the ordering system and the average quality of food, combined with high prices, suggest that it might not be the best value option for all travelers.

Customers considering dining here should be prepared for the modern, self-service ordering experience and the associated costs.

Piquillo at JFK Terminal 5

Piquillo at JFK

Photo credit: The Dairy Free Traveler

Piquillo, a Spanish tapas spot located in the central concourse post-security at JFK Terminal 5, unfortunately appears to have significant issues with customer service based on recent feedback. 

Despite its promising concept as a place to enjoy Spanish cuisine, the overall experience is marred by consistent reports of rude and inattentive service.


The most prominent issue at Piquillo seems to be the customer service. Numerous patrons have reported experiences of rudeness and neglect from the waitstaff. 

Instances of customers being treated differently, not being offered basic courtesies like water, or feeling rushed to finish their meals and pay, especially when the restaurant is not busy, have been noted.

Food and Menu

While the menu offers the allure of Spanish tapas, there are no detailed comments regarding the quality or variety of the food itself. 

The focus of customer feedback has overwhelmingly been on the service issues.


With a price range of $20 to $30, Piquillo falls into the mid-to-high price bracket for airport dining. Given the dissatisfaction with service, the value for money is called into question by patrons.


The atmosphere of Piquillo, while not specifically described in the reviews, is likely typical of airport dining spots. However, the service issues might detract from what could otherwise be an enjoyable dining environment.

In summary, Piquillo at JFK Terminal 5 seems to be facing significant challenges in terms of customer service, overshadowing its potential as a unique dining spot for Spanish tapas.

The consistent reports of rudeness and inattentiveness from the staff are concerning and suggest a need for significant improvements in how guests are treated.

For travelers considering dining here, it may be worth weighing these service issues against the desire to experience Spanish cuisine at the airport.

Deep Blue on the Fly

Deep Blue on the Fly

Photo credit: OTG

Deep Blue on the Fly, a grab-and-go sushi spot in the marketplace post-security at JFK Terminal 5, offers travelers a quick and relatively satisfying dining experience. 

Recognized as one of the better airport sushi options, it provides a range of Asian cuisine that caters to various tastes.

While not without its faults, the overall feedback is positive, especially for those looking for a decent meal before their flight.


The service at Deep Blue on the Fly is generally efficient and friendly. Servers are prompt in responding to orders placed via QR code, and the staff is commended for their friendliness.

However, some patrons have noted longer wait times for placing orders and settling bills, which could be a concern for travelers on a tight schedule.

Menu Highlights

The sushi, particularly the rainbow roll, is a highlight, with customers appreciating its freshness.

Other notable dishes include the chicken lettuce wraps and the croissant sandwich. The fresh fruit salad and drinks at the bar have also received positive mentions.

Menu Lowlights

While the sushi is well-received, some other dishes like the Pad Thai and the shrimp fried rice have been described as average. The Pad Thai, in particular, is noted for being a bit dry and lacking in flavor.


Prices range from $20 to $30, which is in line with typical airport dining costs. Considering the convenience and the quality of certain items, many customers find the pricing reasonable.


The ambiance of Deep Blue on the Fly is conducive to a comfortable wait before a flight, with comfy seating being an added bonus. The environment can get busy, but finding a table or a spot at the bar seems to be manageable.

In summary, Deep Blue on the Fly offers a good option for sushi and Asian cuisine at JFK Terminal 5.

While not every dish hits the mark, the quality of the sushi and the efficient, friendly service make it a worthwhile stop for those seeking a quick, enjoyable meal before their flight. The pricing and the atmosphere align well with the expectations of airport dining.

Revolucion at JFK Terminal 5

Revolucion at JFK

Photo credit: Yelp

Revolucion, offering Mexican food near Gates 11-12 post-security at JFK Terminal 5, has had a range of customer experiences, from highly positive to notably negative. 

The restaurant's service and food quality appear to be inconsistent, leading to mixed reviews from patrons.


The service at Revolucion is a contentious point. Some customers have reported poor experiences, citing issues such as inattentive staff, long wait times for food and drinks, and an unwelcoming attitude from employees. 

In contrast, other patrons have found the staff courteous and helpful, adding positively to their dining experience.

Food Quality and Menu

The food quality at Revolucion also varies. While some diners have enjoyed dishes like the Chicken Tortilla Soup, Angus burger, and nachos, others have been disappointed with their meals. 

Complaints include missing ingredients in dishes, substitutions without prior notice (e.g., tater tots instead of breakfast potatoes), and improperly prepared classic cocktails.

Ordering System

The QR code ordering system, similar to other airport eateries, has been a source of frustration for some customers, particularly when it comes to tipping before receiving service. 

However, others have had no issues with this modern method of ordering.


With a price range of $30 to $50, Revolucion is on the higher end for airport dining. This pricing is a point of contention for some, especially when considering the overall quality of food and service.


The atmosphere of Revolucion, typical of an airport dining spot, seems to be secondary to the issues with service and food quality in customer reviews.

In summary, Revolucion offers a mixed bag in terms of dining experience. While some patrons have had enjoyable meals and found the staff to be pleasant, others have encountered significant service and food quality issues.

For travelers considering dining at Revolucion, it may be wise to set cautious expectations, particularly given the variance in customer experiences reported.

Aunt Butchie's Bakery Café

This restaurant within the JFK airport also has a location in Brooklyn itself. It offers a wealth of pastries and other delicious treats at a fair price.

If you're looking for good food that you can eat while you're on the go, this may be a perfect place.

Whether you're looking for breakfast, lunch, or even a light dinner, this restaurant has a good selection, and you're sure to find some comfort food to tantalize your taste buds.

Starbucks at JFK Terminal 5

Starbucks, the global coffee chain located at Gate 22 post-security in JFK Terminal 5, offers the familiar coffee experience typical of the brand.

However, customer experiences at this particular outlet have been mixed, largely due to service and operational issues.


The service at this Starbucks location has received varied feedback. While some customers praise the staff for remaining calm and polite under pressure, others have experienced long waits and perceived indifference from staff members. 

Instances of only one person making drinks during busy periods and slow responses to customer inquiries have been noted.

Customer Experience

The waiting time for orders, particularly during peak hours, has been a significant issue, with some customers reporting waits of up to 45 minutes for simple orders like an iced chai latte. 

The handling of mobile orders in addition to in-store requests seems to contribute to the delay.

Staff Attitude

Despite the operational challenges, the staff has been commended for their kindness and professionalism by some patrons. However, there have also been reports of less than satisfactory interactions with management.

Store Condition

The physical condition of the store is mentioned as needing updates, suggesting that the ambiance may not be up to the standard expected of a Starbucks outlet.

Product Quality

In terms of product quality, the coffee is described as top-notch, with some customers finding it better than at other Starbucks locations. This aspect of the experience remains a strong point for the outlet.


Pricing is not specifically mentioned but is expected to be consistent with standard Starbucks pricing, which can be on the higher side, especially in airport locations.

In summary, the Starbucks at JFK Terminal 5 provides the expected range of coffee and beverages but struggles with service efficiency and operational management.

While the quality of the coffee is generally praised, the long wait times and inconsistent customer service experiences are points of concern.

For travelers visiting this Starbucks, it may be wise to anticipate potential delays, especially during busy periods.

H & H Bagels

HH Bagels

H&H Bagel, a choice for those seeking an authentic New York breakfast experience at JFK airport, has a longstanding reputation dating back to 1972 for offering delicious bagels.

However, recent customer experiences suggest a noticeable decline in quality and service, leading to disappointment for many travelers.


The service at H&H Bagel has been a major point of criticism. Customers report a lack of organization, with orders often being incorrect, late, or chaotic.

Despite the efforts of the staff, the apparent disarray in handling orders has negatively impacted the overall experience.

Food Quality

The quality of the bagels, which should be the highlight of this establishment, has been largely disappointing.

Complaints of undercooked bagels, bland and rubbery eggs, and overall unsatisfactory bagel sandwiches are common. Even the more intricate details like toasting preferences and toppings like capers have been mishandled.


With prices ranging from $10 to $20, the cost is on the higher side, typical of airport venues. However, given the reported quality of food and service issues, many customers feel that the prices are not justified. 

The value for money at H&H Bagel has been questioned, especially in light of the negative reviews.


The atmosphere of H&H Bagel is not specifically mentioned in the reviews, but the focus on their core offering – bagels – suggests that the environment aligns with a typical airport eatery.

In summary, while H&H Bagel might have been a go-to spot for an authentic New York bagel experience in the past, recent feedback indicates a significant decline in both food quality and service efficiency.

For travelers at JFK Terminal 5, it might be advisable to consider other dining options, especially given the pricing and the consistency of negative reviews.

The current state of H&H Bagel suggests a need for considerable improvements to meet the expectations of a typical New York bagel experience.

World Bean Coffee Bar & Cafe at JFK Terminal 5

World Bean Coffee Bar & Cafe, situated near Gate 9 post-security at JFK Terminal 5, offers a selection of coffee, pastries, and packaged snacks.

The customer experience at this café varies, with some patrons appreciating the food and exceptional service, while others encounter issues with staff knowledge and attitude.


The service quality at World Bean Coffee Bar & Cafe is inconsistent. Some staff members, like Lawren, are praised for their attentiveness and excellent customer interaction, going the extra mile to ensure orders are correct.

On the other hand, other employees are perceived as lacking product knowledge and showing annoyance when asked questions by customers.

Food and Beverage Quality

The quality of food and beverages seems to be a strong point for this café. Items like the cheese Danish, Ginger Turmeric tea, and croissants receive positive feedback for their freshness and taste.

The selection of packaged snacks, including commercially made smoothies, is also appreciated, despite the high airport prices.

Menu Accuracy

A notable issue is the accuracy of the menu, with some customers finding the available items limited compared to what is advertised. 

This has led to some disappointment, particularly when only a few options like muffins are available.

Staff Attitude

The attitude of some staff members, particularly at the cashier, has been a point of contention. Customers have noted unfriendly behavior and a lack of enthusiasm in assisting with queries, which impacts the overall experience negatively.


As expected in an airport setting, the prices are on the higher side, which is a common theme across JFK Terminal 5's dining options.

In summary, World Bean Coffee Bar & Cafe offers a decent selection of coffee and pastries with some standout items in terms of quality.

However, the customer service experience is hit or miss, with some staff members providing excellent service while others may come across as less knowledgeable and less willing to help.

For travelers in JFK Terminal 5, this café can be a convenient stop for a quick bite or drink, but be prepared for potential variations in service quality and menu availability.

Jamba Juice at JFK Terminal 5

Jamba Juice

Photo credit: Happycow

Jamba Juice, located in the marketplace post-security near gate 28 at JFK Terminal 5, offers a refreshing respite for travelers with its variety of smoothies and juices. 

Known for its fresh fruits and welcoming staff, this outlet stands out as a preferred choice for those seeking a healthy drink or snack before a flight.

While there are some concerns about pricing and portion sizes, the overall customer experience is positive, especially for those looking for vegetarian or vegan options.


The service at Jamba Juice is frequently praised for being considerate and accommodating, even during busy times.

Staff members are commended for their pleasant interactions and willingness to provide alternatives when certain items are sold out.

This level of customer care has been a highlight for many patrons, contributing significantly to their positive experience.

Menu Highlights

The variety of bowls and smoothies is a major draw for customers. Specific items like the steel cut oatmeal with coconut flakes, banana, and honey are mentioned as delightful breakfast treats.

The Mango smoothie, despite being on the pricier side, has been appreciated for its taste.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Jamba Juice is noted for its extensive selection of vegetarian and likely vegan options, providing a range of choices for those with dietary preferences or restrictions.

Pricing and Portion Size

Pricing is a concern for some customers, with the perception that the smoothies and bowls are expensive for the portion sizes provided.

Recent changes in packaging, such as the switch from plastic to paper cups, have also drawn attention to the perceived reduction in size.


The location of Jamba Juice offers a pleasant setting, allowing customers to enjoy their smoothies while overlooking the tarmac, which can be a serene experience amidst the hustle and bustle of the airport.

In summary, Jamba Juice at JFK Terminal 5 is a great spot for travelers looking for a healthy and tasty beverage or snack option.

Despite some concerns over pricing and portion sizes, the quality of the smoothies and bowls, coupled with the excellent service and vegetarian-friendly menu, make it a recommended stop for a quick and refreshing break during travel.

La Vie at JFK Terminal 5: A Mediterranean Delight

La Vie at JFK Terminal 5

Photo credit: TripAdvisor

La Vie, a Mediterranean restaurant located at Gate 22 Grand Concourse post-security in JFK Terminal 5, offers travelers a delightful dining experience. 

Known for its impressive service and quality food, La Vie has garnered praise from customers looking for a pleasant meal before their flight.

The restaurant's ambiance, coupled with its tasty offerings, makes it a standout choice in the terminal.


The service at La Vie is often highlighted as exceptional. Waitstaff like Jon are commended for their kindness, friendliness, and dedication to ensuring a pleasant dining experience.

The bartenders also contribute to the positive atmosphere, providing that "old school airport experience" that many travelers yearn for.

Menu Highlights

The Margherita pizzas at La Vie have received special mention for their quality.

Described as having light and fluffy dough, flavorful sauce, and delicious cheese, these pizzas are a must-try according to patrons. Other dishes like the chicken parm are also noted as being better than average for airport food.


While the food and service are highly praised, some guests have noted that the music in the restaurant can be excessively loud, making it difficult to have conversations or make phone calls.

This aspect of the environment might detract from the overall dining experience for some.


The price range of $20–$30 is in line with typical airport dining costs. Given the quality of food and service, many customers find the pricing reasonable and worth it for the experience provided.

In summary, La Vie at JFK Terminal 5 is a great option for those seeking a Mediterranean meal.

With commendable service, delicious food, and a cozy yet vibrant atmosphere, it offers a much-appreciated break from the typical airport dining experience. 

While the music volume might be an issue for some, the overall experience at La Vie is generally very positive, making it a recommended spot for a meal before your flight.

Loft at JFK Terminal 5: A Mixed Bag Review

Loft, located opposite gate 26 post-security at JFK Terminal 5, presents a varied experience for those stopping by for a meal.

The restaurant offers a modern ordering system through iPads and phones, which, while convenient for some, has led to confusion for others.

While there are positive aspects to dining at Loft, especially in terms of certain food items and service instances, there are also significant drawbacks that have impacted the overall customer satisfaction.


Service experiences at Loft vary widely. Some staff members have been described as extremely helpful and attentive, especially when rectifying billing errors or providing assistance with the ordering system.

However, other interactions, particularly concerning food quality issues, have been less than satisfactory, with some staff members perceived as indifferent or unresponsive to customer complaints.

Food Quality

The food quality at Loft is inconsistent. Items like the turkey sandwich, chicken tenders, and wings with buffalo sauce have received high praise.

However, there have been notable issues, such as undercooked burgers, which raise concerns about the kitchen's attention to cooking preferences and food safety.

Ordering and Payment System

The restaurant's tech-forward approach to ordering and paying via phone or iPad is a modern touch, but it has led to confusion and errors.

Issues with card swipers and accidental charges have been reported, though staff have generally been responsive in resolving these problems.


The availability of charging stations at tables is a plus, offering a convenient feature for travelers needing to power their devices. 

The ambiance of the restaurant otherwise is not extensively commented on but seems to fit the standard airport dining environment.


With prices ranging from $30 to $50, Loft falls into the higher price bracket for airport dining. Given the mixed reviews on food quality and service, the value for money can be questionable for some patrons.

In summary, Loft offers a unique dining experience at JFK Terminal 5 with its digital ordering system and a range of food options.

While there are moments of commendable service and enjoyable dishes, the inconsistencies in food quality and the complexities of the ordering and payment process may deter some customers.

For travelers with time to spare and a willingness to navigate the digital system, Loft could be a convenient option, but it's advisable to be prepared for a mixed experience.

5ive Steak at JFK Terminal 5

5ive Steak at JFK

Photo credit: Archinect

5ive Steak offers a comfortable sit-down dining atmosphere in JFK Terminal 5, characterized by its open, mall-like setting. While providing a much-needed respite for travelers, the experience at 5ive Steak is a mixed bag. 

The restaurant features efficient service and a variety of menu options, yet is offset by high prices and some inconsistent food quality.

It serves as a suitable choice for those in transit who desire a more relaxed meal setting, though diners should be mindful of the cost and variable dish quality.


The staff at 5ive Steak impresses with their professionalism and attentiveness. Despite the bustling environment, particularly during peak hours, they maintain a high level of service, contributing positively to the dining experience.

Menu Highlights

The Ribeye and Smokehouse Burger are standout dishes, well-received for their taste and preparation. The pulled pork sliders and chicken BLT also add to the appeal of the menu. The New England Clam Chowder, although a bit heavy on potatoes, and the well-liked calamari, are worth considering.

Dishes to Avoid

Diners are advised to steer clear of the chili, noted for its excessive oiliness, and the overcooked fish and chips.


Expect airport-level prices at 5ive Steak, with the cost remaining high even for modified menu items, such as a chicken-less BLT. This aspect might affect the overall value perception of the dining experience.

In summary, 5ive Steak is a convenient option for those passing through Terminal 5, offering a range of dishes in a comfortable setting, but it's wise to select dishes carefully and be prepared for higher airport prices.

Lucy's Asian Kitchen at JFK Terminal 5: A Review of Contrasts

Lucys Asian Kitchen

Photo credit: USA Restaurants

Lucy's Asian Kitchen, offering fast-casual Asian fare in the food hall post-security at JFK Terminal 5, is a restaurant with extremely mixed reviews.

While some diners praise the food and service, others have had distinctly negative experiences, leading to a polarized view of this establishment.


The staff at Lucy's Asian Kitchen are often described as friendly, with some customers appreciating the personal touch of Lucy cooking and serving the meals. 

However, the service speed appears to be a bit slow, especially during busy times, with meals taking up to 35 minutes to prepare.

Food Quality

The quality and authenticity of the food at Lucy's have been a point of contention. Some customers have enjoyed dishes like the Orange Chicken, describing them as spicy and flavorful.

On the other hand, several patrons have expressed strong dissatisfaction with items like the spring rolls, Singapore street noodles, beef, and fried rice.

Complaints range from lack of taste and authenticity to poor preparation and imbalance in ingredients.

Portion Size and Pricing

Opinions on portion size and pricing also vary. While one customer felt that the portion was too small for the price, another found the meal to be of great value. 

This discrepancy suggests that experiences can differ significantly depending on the dish ordered and individual expectations.


The atmosphere of Lucy's Asian Kitchen is typical of a fast-casual airport eatery, with the focus primarily on providing quick meals to travelers.

In summary, Lucy's Asian Kitchen presents a gamble for diners at JFK Terminal 5.

While some customers have had positive experiences with tasty meals and friendly service, others have encountered issues ranging from taste and authenticity to portion size and preparation. 

This inconsistency makes it difficult to provide a definitive recommendation, suggesting that diners might want to approach Lucy's with cautious curiosity, especially if seeking authentic Asian cuisine.

AeroNuova at JFK Terminal 5

AeroNuova at JFK

Photo credit: TripAdvisor

AeroNuova, an Italian eatery in JFK Terminal 5, offers a unique dining experience with a menu created by Mark Ladner of Pasta Flyer. Situated in the marketplace post-security, this restaurant provides a decent ambiance for airport dining. 

The overall experience here varies, with some guests pleasantly surprised despite initial skepticism due to mixed reviews.

The atmosphere is typically not too crowded, allowing for a relatively quick service. However, diners should be prepared for the higher airport pricing, ranging from $30 to $50 for a meal.


Service at AeroNuova has received mixed feedback, with some guests praising the attentiveness and courtesy of staff like Rubina, who has been noted for her exceptional service, especially during busy and stressful times. 

The restaurant can get busy quickly, so service speed may vary. At the bar, patrons have appreciated the attentiveness and efficiency of bartenders like Carlo.

It's recommended to manage expectations regarding service, as experiences can differ based on the time and crowd.

Menu Highlights

The Norwegian eggs and Espresso Martini come highly recommended, adding to the appeal of their Italian offerings. 

The Rigatoni Bolognese, noted for its al dente pasta and generous portion, is a solid choice. Pizza also stands out for its quality.

Dining Tips

Guests should allow around 45 minutes for a sit-down meal, as service might not be quick, especially during peak hours. For a more efficient experience, dining at the bar is suggested, where the service tends to be quicker.

Remembering that AeroNuova is an airport restaurant, with its inherent limitations in terms of service style and utensil quality, can help set appropriate expectations.

In summary, AeroNuova presents a good option for travelers looking for Italian cuisine at JFK Terminal 5. With tasty food and variable but often commendable service, it's a viable choice, especially if time allows for a relaxed meal before a flight.

Artichoke Pizza at JFK Terminal 5

Artichoke Pizza at JFK

Photo credit: Yelp

Artichoke Pizza, located in the food hall post-security at JFK Terminal 5, caters to travelers looking for a quick pizza fix. The experience here tends to be a mixed bag, with the primary concern being the value for money. 

At approximately $7.70 per slice, expectations for high-quality pizza are natural, but opinions on whether these expectations are met vary among customers.


The service at Artichoke Pizza has been described as slow, which is a notable concern in an airport setting where time is often of the essence.

This aspect of the dining experience appears to need improvement, especially considering the urgency typically expected in such environments.

Menu Highlights

The Margherita Pizza and Meatball Parm come recommended, offering a taste of the restaurant's range.

However, first-time visitors should be aware that experiencing Artichoke Pizza at the airport might not reflect the full quality of their offerings at other locations.


Prices range from $10 to $20, which is steep considering it’s for individual slices of pizza. This aspect has led to some dissatisfaction among customers, especially when the food quality is perceived as not justifying the high cost.

Customer Feedback

Reviews have been quite varied, with some describing the pizza as dry and undercooked, while others find it satisfactory. 

The consensus seems to lean towards the experience not fully meeting expectations, especially given the price point.

In summary, while Artichoke Pizza offers a convenient option for those in need of a quick meal at JFK Terminal 5, the combination of high prices, variable food quality, and slow service might deter some travelers.

It's a spot to consider if in need of a quick bite, but with tempered expectations regarding overall dining quality.

Baked by Melissa at JFK Terminal 5

Baked by Melissa

Photo credit: Pinterest

Baked by Melissa, situated in the marketplace post-security at JFK Terminal 5, specializes in mini cupcakes. This spot is known for its tasty, bite-sized treats available in a variety of flavors that often change. 

The cupcakes' convenient packaging makes them ideal for travel or immediate enjoyment. While the cupcakes themselves receive consistent praise for their deliciousness, customer experiences with service vary.


Customer service quality seems to fluctuate. Some patrons have had positive interactions, while others report less than satisfactory experiences, describing staff as seemingly unenthusiastic and unhelpful.

This inconsistency in service impacts the overall customer experience, suggesting a potential area for improvement.

Menu Highlights

The wide array of flavors available is a major draw for Baked by Melissa. The ability to easily pack these cupcakes for travel adds to their appeal, making them a popular choice for both personal indulgence and as gifts.


Prices are higher than what one might find in the city, a common trend in airport establishments. 

While some customers find the cupcakes worth the cost, others feel they do not justify the price, especially considering the pre-packaged nature and the potential for service issues.

In summary, Baked by Melissa offers a delightful range of mini cupcakes that are perfect for on-the-go snacking or as a sweet treat during travels.

While the product is often appreciated, the customer service aspect and the higher airport prices might influence the overall satisfaction of some travelers.

It's a good option for those looking for a quick, sweet bite at JFK Terminal 5, with the caveat of potentially limited interaction and selection options.

Caribbean Kitchen at JFK Terminal 5

Caribbean Kitchen

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Caribbean Kitchen, a Caribbean-themed restaurant in the food hall post-security at JFK Terminal 5, presents a mixed bag in terms of dining experience. 

The restaurant has received a wide range of feedback, from high praise for some of its dishes to severe criticism for others.

The quality of food and service seems to vary greatly, making it a gamble for travelers looking for a reliable meal option.


The service at Caribbean Kitchen has been described as slow, with reports of long lines and food that isn't always served hot. 

While some customers have encountered friendly staff and good service, others have experienced significant delays and inefficiencies, particularly at the checkout.

Menu Highlights

Among the recommended dishes are the Avocado, Black Beans, and the Pollo Guisado, which has been noted for its large portion size and flavor.

The chicken dish with black beans, avocado, and Moro (similar to Spanish rice) is also mentioned as being filling and tasty, despite the chicken being slightly dry.

Menu Lowlights

On the flip side, the Avocado egg sandwich has received harsh criticism for its poor quality, with complaints about stale bread, dry eggs, and unsatisfactory cheese. 

Additionally, there are concerns about the cooking process for vegetarian options, which may not be suitable for strict vegetarians due to shared cooking oil with meat.

Customer Feedback

Opinions on Caribbean Kitchen are polarized. Some visitors claim it might be the best airport meal they've had, citing generous portions and flavorful dishes.

In contrast, others are extremely disappointed, urging others to avoid the restaurant due to the subpar quality of specific menu items.

In summary, dining at Caribbean Kitchen can be hit or miss. While it offers a range of Caribbean-inspired dishes that might appeal to those seeking something different at the airport, inconsistencies in food quality and service make it a less reliable choice.

For travelers at JFK Terminal 5, it might be worth considering if the recommended dishes align with your preferences, but keep in mind the varying experiences of past customers.

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