Best Restaurants in JFK Terminal 5

Best Restaurants in JFK Terminal 5

One of the biggest airports in the United States is JFK in New York City. With six terminals, it sees a lot of traffic, and that means a lot of hungry travelers.

If you happen to be someone spending a little time in here, here is a list of some of the Best Restaurants in JFK Terminal 5 you have to choose from.

Which Terminal in JFK Airport Has Food?

When at JFK, your food options will depend on which terminal and airline you're using. Terminal 5 is home to Aer Lingus, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue, TAP Portugal, Cape Air, and other international airlines.

Along with this, there is also a domestic side, so we are sure you might just wind up in this terminal if you fly through here.

Every terminal has food choices available, but for those looking for JFK terminal 5 food choices, there is a wide range of variety from traditional American Food to Asian gourmet.

The food court is filled with delicious options.

Best Restaurants in JFK Terminal 5 - Food

JFK Terminal 5 Food

Many restaurants are available at JFK airport, but a few stand out amongst the crowd. We thought we'd take an in-depth look at them to help you if you are looking for food in that terminal while on a layover at JFK airport.

From a famed Manhattan steakhouse to a burger joint to a place that allows you to pick up fly-by bagels, there is something for everyone.

Though there are a lot of great dining options available to you, whether you are in the arrivals area or the departures level, these are some of the best restaurants for you in this terminal:

Cibo Express Gourmet Market

This express gourmet market offers many airport food options, including high-quality sandwiches and salads. These are perfect for on-the-go meals when you're out and about.

You can be assured that they use fresh ingredients and follow trends in the culinary field to give you the best menu created with seasonal food they possibly can.

This is not your typical airport food and is not too far from the retail hall! That means you can shop and then grab a bite to eat too!

New York Sports Bar and Grill

New York Sports Bar and Grill

New York Sports Grill is just up the thoroughfare from the Cibo Express Gourmet Market . This offers a little taste of a traditional New York sports bar atmosphere (and New York bar food, too) within the airport.It has a full bar and is truly casual dining at its finest. Offering a wealth of drinks and bar food, it's a great way to spend a little time in the airport while you're waiting for your flight, whether you are flying JetBlue or one of the other airlines that utilize this terminal.

Deep Blue on the Fly

This restaurant sits across from a small Asian kitchen and offers a wide range of sushi and other Japanese food.

This eatery offers several Japanese dishes, and many feature entrees are vegetarian-friendly, too.

This restaurant offers high-quality options as well as other Asian fusion choices.

Aunt Butchie's Bakery Café

This restaurant within the JFK airport also has a location in Brooklyn itself. It offers a wealth of pastries and other delicious treats at a fair price.

If you're looking for good food that you can eat while you're on the go, this may be a perfect place.

Whether you're looking for breakfast, lunch, or even a light dinner, this restaurant has a good selection, and you're sure to find some comfort food to tantalize your taste buds.

H & H Bagels

HH Bagels

For those in the JFK airport for an early flight, you might want an authentic New York breakfast. What better choice than a good bagel with a schmear?

Whether you eat the bagel in the restaurant or on the go, this restaurant has offered delicious bagels as an important taste of authentic New York breakfast since 1972.

Other Restaurant Options

Other restaurants available are: 5ive Steak - temporarily closed, Deep Blue Sushi, Artichoke Basille's Pizza, Horizon Bakery Café, Vinny's Panini NYC (which offers a delicious panini express straight to you in no time), and many more.

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Some restaurants may be temporarily closed, so make sure to check the airport website to keep up to date.


No matter why you're in the airport, whether you are on a layover or heading out to do a little globe-trotting, ensuring that there's a place for you to have good food while you wait is important.

That doesn't mean you have to settle for fast food or run-of-the-mill restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings.

If you happen to be stuck in this terminal at the JFK airport, the above restaurants are all great options to help control your hunger.

Check out the list of restaurants in NYC below for a delicious dining experience!

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