Best Six Bars to Watch Soccer in New York

Bars to Watch Soccer in New York

When it is time to watch your favorite soccer teams, you need to find a place where you can fit in and watch peacefully.

The problem is which one is the best soccer bar where they show all the champions league and premier league games?

Not all soccer bars are the same, but we found the best New York bars where you can watch soccer games while enjoying delicious bar food.

Read on and find out where you can find the Best Six Bars to Watch Soccer in New York

Bars to Watch Soccer in New York

With the World Cup, English Premier League, and the Europa League games, you need a place to watch games.

This list of the best New York sports bars will help you find a great place to go when it is time for kick-off.

1. O'Hanlon's Sports Bar East Village

This is a popular Irish pub, and if you are an Arsenal fan, you are in for a treat with all their games showing here.

OHanlons Sports Bar East Village

Like most NYC bars, this one has a variety of games to keep you and your friends occupied, such as darts and pool.

There are also a few big screens where you can watch sports of all kinds, especially the big game. They have a long bar to provide enough space for all fans with a clear view on the screen to follow the soccer game.

They have a long list of draft beers to choose from, so you will find your favorite brand there.

2. The Football Factory at Legends Soccer Bar

Located in Midtown Manhattan, New York, this sports bar is the place to be for watching football and all EPL games.

Watching sports away from the stadium has never been so much fun, with two floors of space and more than 20 screens.

There is also a break bar if your team doesn't perform well to take your frustrations out on something else. Everyone is welcome at this watering hole.

3. Smithfield Hall

Walking distance from Madison Square Garden is Smithfield Hall . This bar is dedicated to West Ham and Manchester United fans. You can catch all MLS matches and everything else here whenever there is a match going on.

You can watch the matches from the outdoor booth or sit inside and support your team. The long beer list to choose from makes this a great place to be.

4. Astoria Tavern

Astoria Tavern

A full bar and a decent menu are what you need when you watch the matches of your favorite team.

Friendly staff who are also great sports fans will provide you with information about every team and their history. Watch any game on the 20 screens at your disposal.

5. McHale's Bar and Grill, Midtown

With a great atmosphere, all team supporters are welcome here, and like all soccer bars, they have everything available.

This is one of the best New York soccer bars for those who support Borussia Dortmund from Germany, but everyone is welcome.

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This is a great Irish bar located in midtown with friendly staff, and the fans are great to mingle with. If you have a large group who want to watch matches, you should reserve your spot at this popular bar.

6. Flannery's, Union Square

This joint in Union Square is the perfect spot for all Tottenham supporters, with good beer and wine and very friendly staff.

John and Mike will be happy if you come to say hello, and they will make you feel welcome.

It doesn't matter what team you support; you can join in this place that feels like a royal man cave. Make sure you come early for Spurs games or any other match you want to see.

Supporters of other sports are also welcome to come and watch their games here.


Whatever team you support, you are welcome at any of these six great places. Drinking craft beers and other beverages are common among those visiting these popular bars to watch soccer, so come in and have fun!

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