Sightseeing Out Of New York With Historic Day Trips

historic day trips

Aside from everything there is to see in New York City, this city's proximity to other historic northeast cities allows visitors to spend a day seeing them while still returning to the Big Apple in time for dinner.

The city's 3,000 Japanese cherry trees bloom in the spring, covering the monuments and landmarks with lovely pink petals, making this the best time to visit the capital.

Just 227 miles south of New York City, the journey to Washington, D.C., takes a delightful four hours aboard from Manhattan's midtown.

Your trip includes the Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Vietnam, and Korea memorials, Capitol Hill, the White House, and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

NYC historic day trip

Another city with historical significance is located to the north of New York City. One of the oldest towns in the country, Boston has witnessed numerous important historical moments, including the Boston Tea Party, conflicts during the American Revolution, and the Siege of Boston.

Similar to the Washington tour, Citysights' Boston Freedom Trail Bus Tour from NYC departs from midtown Manhattan at the crack of dawn and gets to Boston before midday.

The 2.5-mile Boston Freedom Trail is the first stop o n the tour. It is a red-brick walking path that passes by all of the city's most significant landmarks, including Boston Common, the nation's oldest park, Paul Revere's House, and Boston Harbor (where colonists infamously dumped a shipload of taxed tea into the water).

The bus then transports passengers to Cambridge, where Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are located, after dropping off passengers at Quincy Market, an indoor-outdoor market that has been a focal point of Boston life for more than 250 years (MIT).

Of course, the City of Brotherly Love is another fantastic place for tourists looking to see some American history when it comes to day trips from New York City.

Philadelphia, the birthplace of the American Constitution, is home to a number of historic locations that make the trip from Manhattan worthwhile, such as the Liberty Bell, a well-known representation of American freedom, and Independence Hall, the location of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

Additionally, Citysights' Philadelphia and Amish Country Bus Tour offers a distinctive experience in Lancaster County's "Amish Country," where you can have a lunch break at the Amish Market and enjoy a real buggy ride in addition to taking you to all the city's main attractions.

Even though it is only 160 miles from New York City, this Amish town feels worlds apart from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan because the Amish choose to live without running water, electricity, or telephones. Before heading back to the city in time for a late dinner, get a taste of the simpler life.

What would be your favorite place to visit if you could take one of these day trips from New York City?

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