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Are you on the hunt for the finest treasure troves of thrift shopping Brooklyn has to offer? Then look no further! As the King of the art of thrifting, I've been embarking on a quest through the streets of Brooklyn, sifting through countless stores to bring you a curated list of the absolute must-visit thrift destinations. Whether you're after a unique vintage garment that tells a story, a designer piece that's the envy of all fashionistas world-wide, or just that perfect accessory to complete your ensemble, I've got you covered.

In this comprehensive guide, I'll unveil my top picks for the premier thrift stores in Brooklyn, New York. Each of these stores are a world unto themselves, with the promise of an adventure that goes beyond mere shopping to a journey of absolute discovery and sustainable style. So, if you're ready to uncover the best-kept secrets of Brooklyn's thrift scene, join me as we explore the eclectic, the chic, and the unique – the true gems of thrift shopping in this iconic New York City borough.

10 Best Thrift Stores Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a treasure trove of eclectic and unique thrift stores, each boasting its own distinct charm and inventory, and after my long and sometimes grueling slog throughtout the streets, I'm honoured to bring to you the best Brooklyn thrift has to offer.

1. Life Boutique Thrift

Life Boutique Thrift

Photo via ToniOnThrifting

Park Slope is home to not one but two Life Boutique locations. This resale store is great because it has a philanthropic component in which all sales are donated to Chai Lifelines,a chesed organization that helps families with children who are battling a deadly disease which gives an incentive for customers to enter the businesses, similar to Housing Works.

While second-hand and vintage clothing is a priority in the best vintage shops and stores, there is also a large selection of homeware, accessories, jewelry, and other vintage pieces of clothing

2. Awoke Vintage Brooklyn

Awoke Thrift Shop

Photo via Awoke Thrift Shop website

Now for an oldie but a goodie, Awoke Thrift shop has the greatest selections of apparel, jewelry, accessories, furniture, and more. This thrift store is also well-structured for shopping making it easy to navigate and a delight for seasoned shoppers.

Furthermore, the supply is refreshed every day by charitable people, making it possile to uncover some truly hidden gems each time you visit. Awoke Thrift shop is also one of New York's best secondhand stores for those socially concerned customers.

3. The Attic Brooklyn, NY

The Attic Brooklyn

Photo via TMS website

The Attic Brooklyn NY is a super affordable and hip Brooklyn secondhand store with some pretty wonderful merchandise at affordable rates.

First and foremost, The Attic is a fantastic area to stroll in because of its large open and airy space leading to little to no congestion even when its relatively busy. Numerous of the goods have been displayed in apparel and color coded, which have been sorted correctly making it simple and plesent for each shopper to navigate and find what they are looking for.

The Attic really has the sense of a being a designer store rather than just an expensive thrift store. Attica is the founder's Cori Cea-Currys first secondhand shop, a place where the average person may find their first ever fast-fashion-paced apparel.

In all The Attic is a place where you'll be able to enjoy absolute gold findings at affordable costs without the pressure of nedding further finance, but be careful shopping fans, with its wide variety of gorgeous clothing one could spend all their time and wallet inside!

4. Broadway Fashion Thrift Store

Broadway Fashion Thrift Store

Photo via Yelp

Broadway Fashion, located in the heart of Bushwick, is a perfect option for a thrift shoppers in the Brooklyn area.

This New York secondhand store with is wide variety of clothing for both men and women is the perfect place for purchasing basic products at a low end costs. 

There are also various shoe alternatives available for your shopping needs, however, in broadway fashion there is a low tendency that you'll discover any kinds of high-rated quality fashion, but for a true vintage shopper it is as cheap as it gets.

With many items for less than $6, you will have a range of possibilities, so take your time exploring and enjoy the deals available.

  • Website: Broadway Fashion
  • Address: 1227 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221, United States

5. Le Point Value Thrift

Le Point Value Thrift

Photo via Le Point Value Thrift

Le Point Value Thrift has multiple locations around Brooklyn so dont be surprised if you stumble across them more than once during your bargin hunting escapades. Le Point is well organised and well spaced leading to a pleasurable shopping experinece, however, criticisms of Le Point range from a lack of material for male shoppers and its over lack of true quality brands, but some shoppers claim that they have great over all value so if you're looking for something affordable this is a great bet, but if you're looking for something truly unique particualry for men, maybe Le Point isnt for you. 

But of course nothing is ever guaranted so its always best to give everywhere a look as you will never truly know what a shop has until you go to find out for yourself.

6. The Beacon's Thrift Store

The Beacons thrift store

Photo via TimeOut

Do you have an outing tonight? well there is no need to be afraid; simply head on down to the Beacons Closet, where there are loads of products for the perfect night out on a budget.

Beacon's Closet wardrobe ranges from apparel, jewelry, and other items of clothing for women at relatively reasonable costs.

But be weary, due to its popularity, traffic is often high leading prised items to be swept up fast, so if you're a thrift shopping connoisseur, frequent visits may be required to grab that truly prized gem before its gone for good!

  • Website: Beacons Closet
  • Address: 92 at Fifth Avenue New York 112217 New York

7. Monk Vintage Thrift Shop

Monk Vintage Thrift Shop

Photo via Thrifting For Fun website

The Monk Vintage Thrift Shop is an excellent vintage thrift shop with its huge variety and immacualte organisation.

The Monk Vintage thrift store is located in Brooklyn, just north of the 10th and 9th streets.

While The Monk does have a vast amount of appearl critcism aimed toward The Monk is that it doesnt have much Vintage appearl catered to the male shopper and that it does appear to be a little on the pricier side.

The shop is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Monday. And from 12 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday. This thrift store markets beautiful apparel and accessories.

8. Buffalo Exchange Thrift Store

Buffalo Exchange Thrift Store

Photo via Buffalo Exchange Thrift Store

If you find yourself exploring the streets of Brooklyn, you should pay a visit to Buffalo Exchange. It is located near the L line's Bedford stop on N. 9th St.

Buffalo Exchange is a huge and well-organized store that sells high-quality apparel and a few designer labels at competitive and low prices throughout.

Buffalo Exchange sells clothing, shoes, handbags, and caps. The business sells vintage wear and a variety of designer brands of shoes for fashionable females, including boots, heels, and sneakers.

This thrift store in Brooklyn also provides an amount of sales discount to customers at the start of each month.

9. Brooklyn Flea

Brooklyn Flea

Photo via Brooklyn Flea

This beautiful vintage thrift shop is located at 80 Pearl Street, beneath the Manhattan Bridge making it a truly unique place to shop.

In addition to men's and women's vintage apparel, The Flea also sells furniture, antiques, Pocket Monsters, cards, and even children's toys.

The Brooklyn Flea store is enormous and looks to be a vast marketplace with multiple locations and several areas for specialized items to be purchased.

10. Crossroad Trading Thrift Store

Crossroad Trading Thrift Store

Photo via Crossroad Trading Thrift Store

If you are a fan of true vintage fashion then this thrift store is for you because it has great prices and variety huge selection of stylish and high-quality items for both men and women.

Crossroad Trading Thrift Store sells various types of shoes, purses, jewelry, gym wear, sweatshirts dress shirts, jackets, trousers, handbags, hats, and jeans. It also has several designer labels, including Gucci.

The Crossroads also offers fitting rooms so you may try on goods before purchasing them. The company sells clothing in various sizes to make work clothes fit all body types at cheap costs.


Which Brooklyn Neighborhood is Best for Thrifting?

Manhattan and Brooklyn are the most popular shopping places. Thrifters, bargain hunters best vintage stores, and secondhand purchasers frequent areas such as Williamsburg, East Village, and Bushwick.

What is Most Popular at Thrift Stores?

Clothes are easily sold at the best thrift shops in Brooklyn woke vintage stores. Vintage clothes Clothes account for 31.8 percent of total industry income.

Rather than paying exorbitant retail rates for clothing, most individuals shop at thrift shops and stores.

Is New York Good for Thrifting?

You will not walk into the event with a single object in mind. New York City is ideal for secondhand shopping, with hundreds of stores distributed throughout the boroughs, both meticulously selected and entirely unrevised.


Brooklyn, New York has a few secondhand stores. With all of these options, you may be unsure about where to go because each store sells various used items in store, and people's requirements vary.

Thus, the next time you visit the borough, try stopping by the best thrift shops and stores in Brooklyn listed above.

In case, if you looking for a thrift store that isn't on our list. Of the various options in Brooklyn, the two locations listed above are top-rated.

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