Museums Highlights in New York

If you want a real taste of New York City culture, then there are plenty of great museums around the city that will let you get a feel for what life was like here back in the day. Also, museum exhibitions are a great way to spend the day with friends and family. They are fun and educational. At these museums, you'll find everything from dinosaur exhibits to masterpieces by famous artists.

The Met Debuts Chinese Print Collection

Have you ever tried to imagine life without prints? The Metropolitan M

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New York Museums Honor The Memory Of Titanic

More than 1,500 people from all social backgrounds perished when the T

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Art Attack: New Exhibits in New York Museums

Art Attack is a series of New York Museum exhibitions curated by artis

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Playing House Now at the Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum's Playing House series features new shows that tak

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Keith Haring Now at the Brooklyn Museum

The first significant exhibition to examine the formative years of one

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The Met Museum Lets You Curate Your Own Art Collection

The Met Museum in New York City is launching a new program, The Art of

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Museums in the Big Apple

Here, you'll find NYC's most important museums and galleries, as well

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