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Do you know you can now find excellent vegetarian restaurants in a few Brooklyn neighborhoods? Statistics have shown that there are an increasing number of eateries available nowadays.

Furthermore, this plant-based diet extended to many other locations, including Brooklyn and Manhattan. To crown your trip with an excellent experience, visiting a vegan restaurant in Brooklyn will be unique.

Therefore, a vegan can utilize this list of Best Vegan Restaurants Brooklyn to find the safest places to eat vegan junk food. Regardless of your country, you will discover some of the most incredible vegan restaurants here in this post.

10 Best Vegan Restaurants Brooklyn

1. Toad Style Restaurant

Address: 93 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221-4050

Toad Style is one of the greatest places in Brooklyn for a fast vegan lunch. They feature a delectable vegan deli variety, an inexpensive and excellent menu of sandwiches and sides, and meat dishes such as BBQ Coleslaw sandwiches for lunch and a to-die-for Waffle sandwich for vegan brunch.

If you're searching for vegan restaurants that provide soy-free, palm-free, and gluten-free alternatives, Brooklyn has many possibilities, but Toad Style is unquestionably one of the finest.

2. Greedi Vegan

Greedi Vegan restaurant

Credit: Greedi Vegan

Address: 1031 Bergen St, Brooklyn, New York, USA, 11216

Greedi Vegan, one of Brooklyn's greatest vegan eateries, serves wonderful home-cooked comfort cuisine. The proprietor is a vegan Brooklyn native who has poured her heart and soul into her delectable food. Where else can you have coconut ginger fried plantains and yucca dumplings?

A vegetarian meal is an impossible burger, something this interesting and has to be included in the best vegan restaurants in Brooklyn restaurant guide.

With these gluten-free options, it's easy to get why Greedi Vegan is one of the top vegan restaurants in Brooklyn.

3. Heartbreakers

Heartbreakers Best Vegan Restaurants Brooklyn

Credit: Heartbreakers

Address: 820 Hart St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Heartbreakers is the place to go if you're seeking plant-based fast-casual eating. This vegan Brooklyn spot is ideal for anybody looking for typical American fare for lunch.

They are a moderately priced 1970s-inspired restaurant with a rotating menu in the center of Brooklyn. They're now selling their "Thunderbird" Burger, a fried "chicken" burger with a handmade jalapeno cilantro aioli.

4. Sol Sips

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Credit: Sol Sips

Address: 276 Knickerbocker Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237

The best vegan food in Brooklyn restaurant tour would be incomplete without some delectable Caribbean cuisine. Sol Sips is a fantastic vegan restaurant in Brooklyn that serves great Caribbean food.

They not only serve delicious soul cuisine, such as a jerk jackfruit panini, but you can also get juice-to-cleanse kits delivered to NYC residents. So not only can you eat at this vegan Brooklyn eatery, but you can also be confident that you're boosting intestinal health.

5. Guevara's

Address: 39 Clifton Place, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Guevara's is a nicely designed 100% vegan café. As listed, there are other vegan restaurants in Brooklyn, but none are as reasonably rated as Guevara's.

Try their blackberry lavender iced coffee and Brooklyn fried tofu if you're searching for something new - you didn't come here to drink the same thing every time!

6. The Modern Love

Address: 317 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

Modern Love vegan restaurant is the most fantastic New York diner for casual and superb diner meals in Brooklyn. A modest respite amid a peaceful setting, with classic black and white tiling and 1950s-style bar tops and tables.

This Vegan spot serves various diner staples such as fluffy pancakes, vegan chicken & waffles, hamburgers and shakes, and a selection of other vegan options and non-vegan entrees as well as munchies.

Breakfast Slam menu items include breakfast supper, breakfast supper, breakfast sausage, breakfast, savory omelets, and breakfast pancakes.

7. Ras Vegan Restaurant

Address: 739 Franklin Avenue. Brooklyn, New York 11238

Vegan cuisine in Brooklyn isn't only soul food and bakeries in Brooklyn; there are also loads of amazing foreign alternatives.

Ras Vegan Restaurant is one of Brooklyn's greatest vegan restaurants, delivering traditional plant-based Ethiopian fare.

They provide a variety of big flavors of platters and small plates, such as their Difin Missir or Gomen collard greens, which are classic meals with a lot of taste.

They also attempt to limit their carbon footprint by using only locally produced foods.

If you're new to Ethiopian cuisine, you should undoubtedly taste Ras. Although there are many vegan restaurants in Brooklyn, it'll be hard to find one with cuisine as unusual and extraordinary as Ras'.

8. Vegan's Choice

Address: 902 Lincoln Pl, Brooklyn, New York, USA, 11213

Vegans Choice is a tiny vegan kitchen in-house that provides handmade Caribbean food, but doesn't be fooled by its modest size; their quantities are large, and their tastes are bold!

They're a small family-run business providing only delivery and take-out, but they have some of Brooklyn's most popular flavors. Their specialties include collards, pasta spaghetti, waffle fries, soy ribs, french fries, and vegan mac & cheese.

9. Jungle Café

Jungle Café

Credit: Jungle Café

Address: 131 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, New York, USA, 11222

Jungle Café in Brooklyn is a terrific vegan restaurant. The restaurant serves Kosch Kosch with a worldwide flair. Because all of the furnishings at Jungle Café are handmade by local craftsmen, the restaurant is mainly community oriented.

There is a vegetarian buffet at night and a lovely terrace for those who want to eat outside. Consider a Jungle Burridge or Polish Tacos if there isn't a buffet. This vegan Brooklyn restaurant offers a diverse menu of foods not limited to a particular cuisine.

10. Aunts et Uncles Vegan Restaurants

Address: 1407 Nostrand Ave Brooklyn, NY 11226

Aunts et Uncles is a concept store and vegan cafe that offers everything for everyone. They provide veganized versions of classic American cuisine, with most recipes inspired by traditional Southern cooking.

Their Bake & Saltfish, lobster rolls, stay fresh deli, and mofongo will win you over.

Brooklyn's Aunts et Uncles is a terrific vegan alternative if you're searching for a nice home-cooked supper. They also provide outside eating when the weather permits!

11. Lil ChoC Apothecary

Lil ChoC Apothecary

Credit: Lil ChoC Apothecary

Address: 141 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, New York, USA, 11211

Little Choc Apothecary is New York City's first vegan and gluten-free creperie. If you have a sweet craving, you can personalize and construct your crepe, but if you want something savory, try the "Space for Mushroom"!

Their whole menu is prepared with food sourced from local farms and sustainable distributors, and they have been named one of America's most romantic restaurants while being fully vegan.

Brooklyn is undoubtedly doing everyone a favor by providing the world with something it desperately needs: vegan cheese crepes!

12. The V Spot Vegan

Address: 156 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217-4546

Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden are unbeatable. Following the trek, you must visit The-VSPOT, a vegan restaurant in Brooklyn. The fantastic vegan restaurant and kosher café serve delicious tangy cabbage slaw and other vegan foods in an attractive and cozy setting throughout.

The spot is known for a quality assortment of appetizers, most of which are vegan. The café offers world-class Nachos Supreme (topped with freshly brewed coffee beans and insanely amazing homemade salsa roj) and burritos.


Why Are Vegan Restaurants Important?

Most restaurants are increasingly including locally grown veggies and fruits in their menus. Carbon emissions are decreased since the food needs to travel less distance to reach the restaurant. As a result, more sustainable living is promoted.

Are Vegan Foods Expensive or Inexpensive?

Because most vegan meat products are not mass manufactured, the production costs and end-user pricing are more significant.

Is Brooklyn Good for Vegan Food?

The city of Brooklyn is one of the world's most vegan-friendly! There are thousands of other amazing vegan restaurants and-friendly restaurants and vegan-friendly restaurants in Brooklyn.

In addition, surveys show almost 1,000 vegan eateries in Brooklyn.


After reading about the most incredible vegan Brooklyn eateries, you're undoubtedly hungry, so go try them out. It's never tasted so wonderful to support local, cruelty-free companies!

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