6 Best Asian Restaurants in New York

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Thanks to the diverse population of NYC and Instagram, you easily find the best menu items of delicious Asian cuisine to excite your buds.

If you're looking for ethnicity, flavor, or a blend of Asian and New York styles, you'll love these Best Asian Restaurants in New York. We have specially curated the best restaurants to get rice noodles, cold sesame noodles and shrimp dumplings for you. So without further ado, enjoy!

Best Asian Restaurants in New York To Try


If you're a lover of Indian hot peppers, you'll love ADDA. Meaning "a place where people hang out" Adda is a modern and funky Indian restaurant in Long Island City.

Interestingly, in 2018, ADDA was one of the restaurants to be reviewed in The New Yorker's Best Restaurants.

ADDA best Asian restaurants in NYC

Some of ADDA's specialties include biryanis and bheja fry in generous portions. bheja fry is goat brain, and biryanis are made with traditional Indian naan bread caps.

Also, you can try out Lucknow Dum Biryani made with goat meat and the Masaledar Lipatwan Murgh. The meals served in Adda's fine dining room are unique Indian cuisines making them challenging to get outside India.


KHE-YO restaurant in NYC

Looking for Laotian food? KHE-YO is th e hot spot for Laotian cuisines in New York City, with meals in this top-notch Asian restaurant served family style.

KHE-YO, which means green in Laotian, features a lively brick bar with tables arranged to offer optimum intimacy making it ideal for date nights and large groups.

Also, its environment is moody and dark, with an aesthetically appealing interior to dine in. If you want a blend of Laotian and American dining experience, get Khe-yo'sKhe-yo's Berkshire Spare Ribs and Wok Seared Lobster & Noodles.

You can equally try out Bamboo Ginger Quail with Bang-Bang sauce or stir fry noodles.



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Lovers of Vietnamese cuisines gather round! Hanoi House is known for its pho which exudes excellence. Located right next to the park on St Mark's, Hanoï House, is a modest place in NYC with the best interiors.

At Hanoï House, you are s ure to get rich and authentic Vietnamese delicacies in NYC. Little wonder it's always booked and busy during popular holidays and special occasion like Easter and Christmas.

You can get the restaurant's signature classics, such as Goi Du Du, pork belly and multiple courses. Goi Du Du is a salad made with Papaya and pig ear and dressed in sweet soy.

Her Name Is Han

Ever fantasized about eating Korean dishes after watching K-Drama? Well, you can live your fantasies at Her Name is Han, a classy Korean restaurant in Koreatown. In 2016, Her Name is Han made the list of the top 50 best restaurants in the world.

How do you like your Kimchi Pancakes? With poached eggs? Say no more. At Her Name is Han, you can get sautéed rice cakes with kabocha squash and shishito peppers.

Also, you can get tasty hand pulled noodles, whole fried fish, three pepper chicken and other fast food.

Ippudo Westside

Ippudo Westside

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Ippudo sport s an open kitchen format in two locations, allowing guests to see how seasoned chefs prepare meals. However, you can still get a glimpse of Time Square's hustle and bustle from the restaurant as it is situated in the heart of Hell's Kitchen.

Ippudo gives you an opportunity to enjoy rich Japanese culture serving tonkotsu ramen and other hot pot local Japanese dishes. Also, during special seasons, the restaurant offers seasonal cuisines.

If you're vegetarian, you'll love Ippudo as their food menu also includes lotus leaves and a variety of gluten-free food.

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Nestled in the heart of Chelsea is Tao, beautified with Chinese murals and artifacts. The interior of this exquisite restaurant is fit to be used in a high-end movie as it exudes luxury.

Also, the modest space is serene, warm, soothing and to top it all it serves incredible pork buns and minced pork.

With an unending menu, Tao, one of the best Chinese restaurants in NYC, keeps people coming back for more.

Some favorite dishes amongst regulars include Sichuan cuisine, lobster wontons, sushis, shrimp lettuce cuts, and other Chinese food.

A Bottom Line

Good food is sure to put you in a good mood, especially if you've been craving meals outside your regular dishes. If you're searching for tasty Thai food, soup dumplings and chop suey made by culinary experts, New York City has lots of restaurants to explore.

From Hanoï House to Ivan Ramen to ADDA, you can enjoy Korean, Laotian, Indian, and even Vietnamese cuisines.

In NYC and want to have a bite of tea smoked duck, or xi'an famous foods ? This article explores top-rated Asian restaurants you can try out.

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