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New York City is synonymous with excellent pizza, but if you are looking for the absolute best classic cheese pizza around, you need to go to the cosmopolitan borough of Brooklyn.

Here you'll find classic cheese pizzas with delicious marinara sauce that has remained unchanged for a hundred years, down to gourmet specialties loaded with roasted red peppers, shrimp, chicken, juicy roast beef, and vegan deep-dish pies with a modern twist.

We've compiled a list of Brooklyn New York Pizza where you will find the absolute best pizzas in the city.

Brooklyn New York Pizza Stores

Di Fara Pizza

Di Fara Pizza is a Brooklyn institution. Domenico De Marco (known as Dom) makes his golden brown pizza from the freshest mozzarella cheese and a tomato sauce recipe that has been passed from De Marco to De Marco for years.

Dom opened Di Fara in 1965 after emigrating to Brooklyn from Caserta, Italy. 

He's been in the same spot ever since, adding fresh basil and extra cheese to his pizza, supported by his children and grandchildren. The menu is sparse and unpretentious.

Choose between a regular pizza with mozzarella and tomato sauce, a classic pizza with sausage, pepper, mushroom, and onions, or the infamous Chaos pizza, loaded with sausage, meatballs, cherry tomatoes, wild onions, and fresh garlic. The pies are pricey at $30-$40, but you won't go home hungry.


L&B Spumoni Gardens, New York

L&B Spumoni Gardens

Credit: L&B Spumoni Gardens, New York

L&B Spumoni Gardens is famous for its tomato sauce baked pizza. Their dishes are remarkable. As founder Ludovico Barbati said, "Pizza is an art."

Ludovico learned how to make pizza in a garage in the 1930s before asking his bricklayer friends to help him build the legendary New York pizza parlor we see today. 

Aside from the rich and flavorful tomato sauce served over thick and crispy pizzas, L&B Spumoni serves up burger baskets and delicious french fries, classic ricotta stuffed shells, parmigiana chicken steak, fresh pasta with eggplant slices and soft cheese, and baked ziti.

You can grab a giant slice for just $4 and top it up with extra cheese, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, or anchovies. Alternatively, pick up a world-famous square L&B Sicilian pie for $32 or a round one for $22.


Roberta's Pizza

Roberta's Pizza is a hip and trendy pizzeria located in Bushwick known for its no-fuss cheese pizza and authentic ingredients.

Try the White Guy, loaded with mozzarella, ricotta cheese, garlic, parmesan cheese, and olive oil dressing, or the Cheesus Christ (mozzarella, taleggio, Parmigiano, black pepper, cream), and then finish your meal with fresh banana pudding or a frozen cocktail. You can even pick up some authentic Roberta's merch with your order.


Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitana

Totonnos Pizzeria Napolitana

Credit: Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitana

Totonno's Pizzeria Napolitana has been serving up authentic pizzas loaded with grated cheese and sauce for nearly a hundred years.

The original owner worked at New York's first-ever pizza joint, the Lombardi's, and passed his recipes down to his granddaughters, Cookie and Antoinette. 

The menu has just two items, white or regular pizza, available in small or large. The crust is thin, and you will receive a heavy pizza with equal parts sauce and cheese. It's absolutely delicious.



Ops Brooklyn pizza

Credit: Ops

Ops serves up delicious sourdough pizzas topped with trendy ingredients, including provolone cheese, broccoli rabe, potatoes, guanciale and house mozzarella cheese, and mortadella loaded with pickled peppers.

These puffy, thick-crusted mozzarella cheese pizzas are fluffy and crisp in all the right ways, a perfect mix of the sloppy Neopolitan pizza and the crispy thin NYC pies.

The venue is dimly-lit, trendy, and packed with New Yorkers. Don't skip the legendary onion-loaded Cicero or the cheese calzone.


Louise & Ernie's

This Brooklyn, New York pizza house moved from East Harlem to Pelham Bay in the 1940s.

The pizzas here are good and honest, with marinara sauce made from ripe, juicy tomatoes and pies loaded with giant pizza sausage and cheese.

Grab an eggplant, chicken, mushroom, or house pie for roughly $26 apiece.

Paulie Gee's

Paulie Gee's is a pizzeria that is dedicated to creating the best possible pizza experience.

Their menu features a variety of unique and delicious pizzas, including a bianco pizza with sliced tomatoes and a veggie pizza with mushrooms and fresh mozzarella. 

They also offer a variety of other delicious dishes, including a creamy homemade alfredo sauce and grilled chicken.

It's a counter-service spot with chewy crusts and interesting toppings from hot honey and spicy pepperoni or garlicky white sauce or crispy onion slices. Like any other modern pizza joint, there are plenty of vegan options to enjoy as well.



After experiencing the delicious and classic pizzas from various noteworthy pizzerias across Brooklyn, it's clear that New York pizza is an iconic staple known around the world.

Whether you're looking for a traditional slice or something more unique, there’s something available for all palates.

Moving away from the typical takeout options, one cannot deny the variety of flavors and styles to be found in the historic borough of Brooklyn.

For those who want to explore the diverse range of pies on offer, a culinary exploration through this borough could not be more rewarding!

The undeniable pride for NYC-style pizza starts here and will provide ample memories to cherish. From thin-crust perfection to enormous slices of gooey goodness - Brooklyn will cater for everyone’s tastes!

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