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New York is synonymous with live music. Live music venues and concert halls make up a significant part of the city's life and history. Whether it's indie rock, hip hop, live jazz, or even electronic music, New York has a home for the music you love.

In this blog, we want to talk about 7 of the best NYC concert venues out there right now. We believe that every one of these spots deserves recognition, conversation, and maybe even a visit from you.

Let's give them what they deserve. Starting with our number 1:

Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall is a performing arts venue in the heart of New York. Situated within Rockefeller Center, this live music venue hosts a wide range of concerts and shows. It is also the home of the dance troupe the Rockettes.

Opened in 1923, this is truly one of the best live music venues in the city. And probably the most iconic.

This concert hall has hosted the Grammys, Tonys, Emmys, and more. It has a rich and notorious history within New York City and certainly deserves its number 1 spot on this list.

Radio City Music Hall

Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall in Manhattan has been a part of New York's unique history since 1892. To play at Carnegie is a great honor amongst musicians and a spot in their lineup is highly coveted.

Musicians of all creeds and genres have played here over the last 100 years +, including Billy Joel, Tony Bennett, and even Tchaikovsky. The beautiful and regal in appearance event space has become a global standard for music excellence, and long may it continue!

Beacon Theatre

Beacon Theatre Best NYC Concert Venues

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Once a movie palace, now an infamous Upper West Side entertainment venue, the Beacon theatre is a real treat for music fans.

Opened in 1929, the venue has established itself as one of the best venues in NYC for music, shows, and even filming opportunities. It may have a very simple and understated appearance but what is held inside is very much worth seeing.

Bowery Ballroom

Not straying too far away, we have another Manhatten classic venue on our list.

The Bowery Ballroom on 6 Delancey Street is a live music venue awarded the prestigious position of #1 Best Club in America by Rolling Stone magazine. It is an intimate spot frequented by some of the best pop acts, indie bands, and new music connoisseurs around.

It is quintessential New York. Good music, great atmosphere, and even better musicians.

What more do you need?

Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden

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Everyone knows Madison Square Garden, right? If we are talking about live music in New York, there is no way we could leave this one behind.

Madison Square Garden is an infamous part of live music in the Empire State. In fact, its reputation extends far past New York itself and it is often dubbed "the World's Most Famous Arena". All the greats have played here. Whether it is sports, ice shows, circuses, or music concerts, this venue has it all.

If you are looking for something on a scale that will blow you away, you can find it at MSG.

Mercury Lounge

The Mercury Lounge is probably our p ersonal favorite entry on this list. It is a unique music venue that hosts indie headliners and newcomers to the music scene in its small but lively space.

This venue space is located on the Lower East Side of New York and is actually the brother venue of our previously mentioned Bowery Ballroom. It has a capacity of 250 seats and was opened in the relatively recent 1993.

If you like something a little different and something a little fresh, this is your perfect spot for music in New York City.

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Forest Hills Stadium

Forest Hills Stadium

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For the final spot on our list, we have the amazing Forest Hills Stadium in New York. This gorgeous space was built in 1923 and has been an integral hub for music in the city since its debut.

It is a stunning outdoor venue with a Greek amphitheater style. No matter what act you are heading here to see, we guarantee the view alone is one you will never forget.

We would highly recommend putting this one on your NYC bucket list, especially in Summer.

Our Verdict

If you ask us, any single one of these venues has something incredible to offer. If you ever get the chance to be in New York City and explore any of these music halls, we can guarantee you will have the experience of a lifetime.

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