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It's so easy to lose track of the stream of seemingly endless events and activities that seem to be the life in New York.

Yes, this can make getting some downtime a bit difficult. Well, few hours in a yoga studio can be a solution to the fast-paced lifestyle. 

However, there are numerous local Yoga studios to choose from, and it might seem like a lot of work to find which is best for you. This is why we have profiled the best Yoga studios in Manhattan to help you out. 

Interestingly, Manhattan, New York City, offers a wide range of yoga studios catering to different styles and preferences. Read on to find out which one best suits you!

Top Tier Yoga Studios in Manhattan

For centuries, yoga has been a means to achieve both physical fitness and inner peace. New York State has a diverse range of spaces to enhance your practice, from woodsy Catskills retreats to dark, glowing studios in Manhattan. Here are the 10 top tier yoga studios across the state;

1. Warwick Yoga, New York

Warwick Yoga

This welcoming community of yogis in the Hudson Valley offers gentle, powerful vinyasa yoga classes with a focus on Iyengar yoga: the emphasis on proper alignment, support, and stability.

The atmosphere alone has a calming effect and you will sure see results in days of participation.

2. Kula Yoga

Kula Yoga

Founded around September 2001, the Kula Yoga makes for a place of peace in an area that was struck with misfortune. The Yoga studio centers on rebuilding and healing through a variety of classes they offer. 

'Kula Hour' offers you a break from your work day with a vinyasa flow, or you can opt for 'Release the Beast', which is a form of deep tissue massage through the body. 

Additional offerings include classes with techniques. The studio is open to all age groups and levels, as it is a place for solace and rejuvenation.

  • Website: Kula Yoga
  • Address: 481 Broadway 3rd floor New York, NY 1001

3. The Bhakti Yoga Center

The Bhakti Yoga Center

Photo via EV Grieve website

Bhakti refers to the practice of devotion. It involves a shared community value that lies at the center of this non-profit study. Focusing on group studies and cultural understanding.

The Bhakti Center offers yoga, meditation, kirtan, and workshops that will help you get in touch with your inner divinity. 

In the same building, is a shop and cafe, run by a team of volunteers.

This is a space for those who want to learn about the philosophy of yoga and its origin in the context of Hindu mythology, so you can learn while still doing what you want (yoga).

4. Pure Yoga

Pure Yoga Best Yoga Studios in Manhattan

Pure Yoga is a yoga studio and a revolution waiting to happen. This studio is just very cool and super chic.

Aiming to redefine the yoga experience with a focus on community, deep knowledge of the practice, and extreme classes.

Pure Yoga offers a variety of styles in immaculate studios with all the amenities and equipment to maximize your experience. 

Dark, candlelit studios and clean, streamlined decor create a SoulCycle-style atmosphere at Pure Yoga, which is among the most luxurious yoga experiences in New York City.

Pure Yoga provides a luxurious and serene environment for yoga practice. They offer a variety of yoga styles and have highly trained instructors.

  • Website: Pure Yoga
  • Address: 204 W 77th Street, New York, NY 10024

5. Y7 studio

Y7 studio

 Having Vinyasa candle classes set to the beat of The Weekend and Frank Ocean make Y7 incredibly modern as it combines the ancient practice of yoga with a modern twist. 

The class heats up a bit and the instructors guide you through a sequence of postures and then allow you to flow at your own pace, giving you freedom in your practice.

There's no better art of yoga than one you can do at your own convenience.  

Once you're done, you can step out into their elegant lobby, grab a juice from their in-house shop, and sit back in a high-back chair while you sink your feet into a fur rug.

Representing New York's love for the color black, while still portraying the future of yoga.

  • Website: Y7 studio
  • Address: 240 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

6. Integral Yoga Institute

Integral Yoga Institute

The Integral Yoga Institute is both an ashram and a spiritual center, both housed in a beautiful brownstone. They not only teach yoga but also nutrition, meditation, and music. 

Founded through disciples of an Indian guru, this direct lineage is a mark of distinction for this institute. An iota of importance is given to action and karmic values, as well as studying the scriptures. 

Students learn to apply yogic philosophies to different parts of their lives and see how they can be a healing force in the face of illness.

Focused on the concept of holistic living, this is a place for those seeking the utmost transformation.

7. Om Factory

Om Factory Best Yoga Studios in Manhattan

This one is for the tree climbers, hopeful dancers, and experimental yogis. In a stunning classroom with high ceilings, you are invited to climb into a silk hammock for a gravity-defying experience. 

Aerial yoga, the latest trend in the yoga world, is one of the most popular classes at Om Factory.

Once you get used to being off the ground, the calming swing of the hammock, combined with the thrill of the inversion portion of the class, will keep you on top. 

They also offer acro-yoga, which uses body balance to enter poses led by a partner. Keeping the peace with Yoga, while still having fun!

  • Website: Om Factory
  • Address: 873 Broadway, New York, NY 10003, United States

8. Sky Ting Yoga

Sky Ting Yoga

Sky Ting offers a modern and minimalist space for yoga practice. They provide a range of classes, including Hatha, Vinyasa, and meditation, with an emphasis on accessibility and inclusivity.

Sky Ting Yoga offers different method of yoga and you can choose which works for you. 

  • Website: Sky Ting Yoga
  • Address: 17 Allen St #7, New York, NY 10002

9. Yogasana Center

Yogasana Center

Yogasana Center offers Iyengar-style yoga classes. They are known for their precision and use of props for alignment. 

It's a great choice for those looking to work on their postures or want to remain fit and limber. 

  • Website: Yogasana Center
  • Address: 15 William St, Apt38A New York, NY, 10005

10. Sonic Yoga

Sonic Yoga

Photo via MapQuest

Sonic Yoga offers a variety of classes, including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Kundalini. They also have a reputation of being very affordable. This center also hosts workshops and teacher training programs.

  • Website: Sonic Yoga
  • Address: 944 8th Ave, Manhattan, NY 10019, United States

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there affordable yoga studios in Manhattan?

Yes, there are. Some if not all of the studios listed in this article are very affordable. Some of them even offer discounts.

Are there free yoga classes in Manhattan?

Yes, there are quite a few places that offer free classes. One of them is the Sonic Yoga. They are known for giving free classes.

Can a beginner enroll in a yoga class?

Very much so. If you are a relatively flexible and fit person, you should be able to blend right in. If not, yoga studios have classes to help beginners.

Final Thoughts - Best Yoga Studios in Manhattan

When choosing a yoga studio in Manhattan, consider the style of yoga you prefer, the location, class schedules, and the overall atmosphere that suits your needs and preferences. 

Many studios offer introductory packages or drop-in rates, allowing you to explore different options and find the studio that resonates with you.

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